Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Long Gone

Bonjour all,

When was the last time you hear from me? Gomennasai :/

For the past two months, I was packed with all normal everyday happenings, classes in Uni, music lessons, teaching classes, sports and performances. Do you think those are the only things I do? Of course not, I spent time to build my personality too :P

Foundation Studies are over now and Bachelor of Science/Biotechnology is my next step. Results for Foundation Studies was not I aimed for, so I have to work harder now (meaning to say you will seldom see me here, again..) oppssyyy, this is just the first week, so we are still relaxing (so I am still here).

During the one month holiday break, I decided to do a collection. Let's play some guessing games here. Guess what type of collections I do?

Option A : Music CDs
Option B : High Heels
Option C : Wrapping Papers
Option D : Music books
Option E : Nail colors

p/s: No gift will be awarded to those who guessed
correctly, just trying to have some fun with ya all :P

Happy - Learnt major happenings in life. Found many new things and new ways to deal with things.

Sad - I kept two dwarf hamsters, but one lived for less than two weeks, the other slightly longer than a month. May Hamsterin and Oxnard rest in peace. I will never try to keep pets anymore, pity them, huhu.

Emo - Family

Stresses - Music and studies

Excited - Books and lab activities awaiting ahead of me in this course. We actually have our very own lab coat, wuhooo, I sound childish, lolx! And and and TI-83+!!!

Hopes and Wishes - I joined Ballroom dance lessons.! It is FUN!!! Hope I can be a better dancer. Better girl better person, grow musically and emotionally too.

- Tried ways to beautify my own room :) It turned out quite impressive, to me though. But, of course, I only need to please myself, coz it's my room, hooray.

Look - Lost a little bit of weight, hoping to get healthier physically as well as mentally. Wanna see me?


Business - $$$ kekeke..

Skills - Performance skills are all I talk about. Both in piano and viola playing, there are so many things to learn.