Sunday, May 23, 2010

The fact of having it and at the same time not having it

At this instant I have thoughts filling my head concerning life issues, but I just cannot put them into words. When a sentence has just begun with letters, the backspace key is tapped...and booom there goes the blank again.

I have just read the last July issue of Readers’ Digest about a lady who lost both her legs in a suicide bomb attack in London. About how strong she hanged on to life at the instant when everything went dark until she started her ‘life 2’ she called it. There were 2 voices in her head when the incident happened, one asking her to just let go, the other asked her to stay and hang on. It was the latter that she listened to, which made her today. You see, it is not the completed puzzle that we are talking about; it is how we fix the small pieces together as one.

I cannot make myself any fuller. The love given and the love taken, there is no use to measure them. How can one makes one feels more appreciated?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


If that moment never happened, and if you did not show how much it feels, I would be like a little girl seeking for a place to rest her head when she is tired of everything in life that is full of contradictions.

But life is how we control the tricks that are always playing around ourselves. We cannot always put a smiley on our faces; we cannot always get what we want.

Sometimes, being unaware is better than being solemn and unable to react accordingly.

How I wish I am the type who do not care much. How I wish I could be more emotion-free. How I wish I know what to do to make everything in piece again. Lord, please teach me how.