Thursday, June 26, 2008

My ApPrec!aTion

This is the most special gift I've got. It's from my bestie, she's so far away from me now, sad sad. But, I'm still so happy to get this =)

Thank you everyone for your wishes.

thank you

Here's the answer for the guesses.

My age =






People say, it's the adult age..
Ahaha, now you know.

May all of you out there be blessed with happiness all day long.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It is My BurpDay

It's my 90th POST ( why not 100th?? ) for this blog ღ

& it's my Birthday =)

Guess how old am I? look at my pic...

These two are my recent pics...

Guess?? Guess?? ( Those who knows, don't tell ahh )

& thanx to BARBIE cheche

She made me these


Look at her post in her blog, she posted it right after midnight. =)

I'm so touched cheche, thankie very much=)

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Mei Mei! <3>
Happy Birthday to you...

Close your eyes! Make a wish!
May all you wishes come true...!!!

Today is your special day, my princess Sister! Che Che got this animated birthday card for you. Check this out sweetie!

Barbie also got Mei Mei a pinky birthday cake loaded with all my love for you. My photoshop skill is terrible, but I spent all my heart and soul to do it, and it is for you, my great sister and friend.

Emo Comments For Hi5

Mei Mei! Barbie love you as always! May all our friendship last forever! *muah muah* So, Barbie just wanna be here to wish you a day touched with all the wonder and the magic of life! (((Hug))) Have a wonderful Birthday, my dear!.

& Thanx to all my dear friends who sent me birthday wishes =)

My phone started ringing with message tones right at 12 midnight ( my long lost friend from Bintulu, Jane, is the first! remember my previous post? )

My Long Lost Friends ~ I Found 'Em

even 4.00+ am, there's still message from my friend, so, I didn't sleep well, huhuu...
BUT, happy!!! happy, lalala!!

& my friend in Perth, in Labuan...miss ya!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

ღ Takoma ღ

This is the Takoma tree.

You can see this kind of trees by the road side at most areas in Kuching NOW ( actually, the tree are there all the time, just that there are no flowers on it, so I don't know that they exist, pity me )

The flowers are either in WHITE or in PINK.

I think it's the season for blooming, I only noticed its existence recently because of the flowers. The whole tree is as if, all flowers, no leaves at all. So nice...

But, I don't know its origin or story behind its name. Anyone knows?

I went jog jog jog again yesterday evening, at Kenny Heights, 10 laps.
I must record it.
So sad. ( not going to write the reason why i'm sad, hehee )

Sorry for not replying your messages =( You know, weekends!! haha

Eat Eat Eat & don't stop eating..




@ FRIday Night @

I've got a present=)
I asked YOU to see this...r u here? recognize this? muahaha!!
p/s : sry, im sot liao...

erm, whatever...I was just playing now...

okie okie...stop playing...

@ SATurday noon @

Mama baked pizza.. weird cheese taste...

but all in all..thankie mama..
I was too full, lolx!!

Almost forgot to take pic..
Home Made Pizza=)

@ Sunday Night @

We had a Birthday Celebration for my Grandma at The Venue.

Lousy service, lousy food.

Luckily, my aunty made this cake.

How old is she?
Count the candles..

She celebrate according to her lunar birthdate, which is supposed to be on Wednesday.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thank Food RestauranT

Went to a Vegetarian Restaurant called Thank Food Restaurant, on SATurday night.

It was a MAMA-treat =)

for my birthday


No meat..

I wonder if the food is more high fat content than the usual non-vegetarian food??

Because those vegetarian food are made of FLOUR...FLOUR is CARBOHYDRATES!!

Heya, nevermind, I've eaten so much, all in my stomach dy..

Are vegetarians consuming balanced diets? I'm not sure ab
out this.
This is a special promotion food introduced by the waiter. I don't know what is it called, but I think it is imitating chicken-chop or something like that. It really tasted like real meat.

Toufu with century egg. Eggie? vegetarian can eat eggie?

Best dish of the night=) I think, haha

Mushrooms..I just saw different types of mushrooms in the new mall, & ate it last night=)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Colors oF Lif3

Pick A Color ღ

See what is your color for today =)

PURPLE ~ feeling a little lonely.

WHITE ~ having problems.

GREEN ~ just relaxing.

YELLOW ~ addicted to candy.

PINK ~ feeling so happy.

GRAY ~ having a boring time.

BLACK ~ craving for chocolate.

AQUA ~ hyper hyper.

ORANGE ~ not in love.

SKY BLUE ~ calm.

RED ~ happy because the person you love loves you back.

TURQOISE ~ you like someone.

SILVER ~ thinking of someone.

MAGENTA ~ heart broken.

BROWN ~ the person you like doesn't like you.

PEACH ~ your not bored. you got a lot of fun activities to do.

GOLD ~ saving money for this vacation.

CHOCOLATE ~ your really in love and you cant stop thinking about the person you love.

HOT PINK ~ you feel hot.

BLUE ~ you like someone but you don't know how that someone feels about you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Study Study

It's TIME!!!!

To refresh my mind...

Dig Dig Dig!!!

out all the Chemistry, Physics, Biology from deep inside my brain.

Come to the Surface!!!

Opppsssyyy...DON'T forget Mathematics=]

Pity my cutie here, she accompanies me all the time I study, now the arm BROKEN?!
Okie, I help u make it back to the place, kay? kay? don't look at me like that!!
She's a bookworm too yeah? hehe

Cutie says : Hey!!! I didn't ask you to take photos!! You're supposed to study okie??

Monday, June 16, 2008

The GreenHeightsMall

Launched on FRIday ( 13th of June '08 )

The Green Heights Mall had received a great number of visits from the people in Kuching town.

People in Kuching are like, if there is a new shopping mall, we can't wait but grab anything we need then start driving towards the mall.
Then, inside the mall, we will also try our very best to grab the things we need, despite the crowd. Next thing you see, we are standing behind a very very very long queue, and just standing there waiting for our turn to pay for whatever the products in our shopping basket.
There's another thing, when we see other people 'fighting' over some product, we don't care whatever the product is, or whatever the price of the product is, we just join in the 'fight'. Grab grab grab!!! Haha...

I went there on SUNday evening.
Let's see what's in the mall. It's a two-storey mall. Ground floor, is the supermarket.
In a more accurate way of saying, it is actually a cold-storage shopping place.
There are many imported stuffs from all over the world.
On the other side, still on the ground floor, there are electrical appliances, cooking utensils, & all the daily products.
There is also a quite big Guardian Pharmacy.

I like the display & set up of things in this mall=)

See, there are so many different 'species' of MUSHROOMS!! ( I miss YOU, gal! )

Even potatoes have different colors. LOLX!!

I don't know what will be on the 1st floor YET.
Because...when I was there, I don't see anything, just empty shop lots.
Told ya, people in small town like us, really can't wait to see new things.

Yay yay!!! DESSERT Ice-Cream!!!
Yup, Dessert ice-cream having their branch in Green Heights Mall too=)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two words...


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spec!aL Day

14 th June
It's my Daddy's Birthday=)

54th Bday I shall say..

I made something for him..
They are my FAMOUS CUPCAKES again!!

Take a look=) &...Smile to yourself..

We sang birthday song for him early, very early in the morning..
Because I had to go...

Told ya!! see? They were wearing pyjamas, hahaha!!

Let's talk about my SATurday..
NO!! Shall start talking from FRIday night..

SOMEONE (many ppl remembered it wrongly, weird) thought it's my Birthday on the 15th June..
He asked how am I going to celebrate it?
I didn't reply his message tho, was having orchestra practice that time=)

Then, after I'd finished practicing, I text messages with him for the whole night till SATurday MORNING, bla bla bla...many things with him..haha!!

I slept for LESS THAN 5 hours

Sleepy @.@

Woke up so early to prepare for jogging.
Before I went for jogging, played Birthday Song for daddy=)

Actually, a friend of mine, she's taking part in the School Sports Day Running Competition.
She's planning to build up the stamina by jogging around the school field starting today.
As I'm also interested in getting some exercise & perspire, I joined her.

Woah..Cannot stand the tiredness & beating of my heart..tam tam tam tam tam ...soooooo fast!!!! I'm not physically fit nor am I mentally fit
However, managed to finish 10 laps for 45 minutes for my so called 'training'.
My 10 laps journey were like this :
Run Run Jog Jog Walk Run Walk Jog Walk Walk Walk Walk..
hahaha, yea, at last, walk walk walk walk...
I did not perspire at all!!
In fact I got colder...Feeling the chill on me =(
Why?? Why?? Why??
Am I not healthy?

By 9.00am, I'm already in the bathroom for my SECOND bath.
Preparing for teaching.
Got really frustrated talking about teaching these two classes this morning.
Ergh...forget about it

Then, I slept for the afternoon.
Getting sick!!
OMG, not enough sleep, then you straight fall sick??
Useless meimei..

Our dinner for daddy's birthday..
I tried a kind of drink called the Wheatgrass.
First time drinking, not bad..haha!!
It was just a simple dinner with the family..
Hope daddy is happy=)

Now, I'm here, in front of the PC again..
Saying HARLO!!!
to everyone reading this=)
Happy Weekend!!!

9 Steps Then you'll SEE 10 (TEN)!!

With her lesson on
How to Edit EYE COLORS using Photoshop.
I copy & paste it here...
Those are my eyes she's using..She helped me edit them very nicely.
Thanx dear Angela=)
Please comment on my eyes, I might need a pair of contacts soon=)

First step is to browse the picture that you want to edit...

So, here comes meimei's lovely picture~ ^^

2. drag the picture into your photoshop...

3. Hold onto the brush's tools...

4. Then you'll see the word color replacement tool as shown on it..

5. And now you can choose what color you want >>

Meimei said she wants a blue or green eye...So I choose blue for her...^^
6. *p/s: choose a darker color so that your eyes will look more natural~^^*

7. you can color your eyes...=)
8. click "ctrl + " to enlarge the picture..

See!! Mei mei has got lovely blue eyes now~!!

9. to save the file, click file, save as, change it to JPEG file and then SAVE~^^

>>> meimei, you can grab ur photo here...=)

10. Spot the differences...=)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Talented Princess Barbie cheche

This is me!!!! Barbie designed me for her Fashion Show.
Nice? I Lurv it...muchee mucheee!! Thankie Barbie=)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I wish...

I wish......
to have these books!!!

Jay Chou!!! Look at the songs inside this book!!!

I Lurv Ti Amo!! I must have this book!!! I wish to own it by myself.

Let's look at my....leg!! muahaha=P Who ask you to look at my leg?? Admire my nail art lah...I did it myself, nice?

I'm so bored, I've got nothing to's been hours I'm sitting in front of the PC, watching movies...huhuu...i m i s s y o u

F!n3 arts?

Fine art refers to arts that are concerned with a limited number of VISUAL and PERFORMING ART FORMS, including painting, sculpture, dance, theatre, architecture and printmaking.
Then what about MUSIC?? YES!!! Music is a form of performing art, so it is part of fine arts too.
MUSIC, is an art form in which the medium is SOUND.
Common elements of music are PITCH (which governs Melody and Harmony) , RHYTHM (you know what is this), and DYNAMICS (this is the control in loudness or softness of the music).
The word 'PERFORMANCE' refers to one's physical expression of music.

Let's further into the KLAVIER ( this is in German, it means the PIANO )

I started playing the Piano as young as the age of 7 ( not very young hah? compared to my students there ). First, I was introduced to the Treble Clef.

Then, Bass Clef.

Then, slowly, when I'm in Grade 5, they introduced the Alto Clef & Tenor Clef to me.
The Alto Clef is used for the VIOLA.

The Tenor Clef, for the Bassoon, & other instruments.

Common clefs

Study carefully the Alto Clef & Tenor Clef.
They are different only because of the position on the stave.

However, the KLAVIER only uses The Treble & Bass Clefs.

Now, let's look at the parts of a Klavier.

How does a Klavier produce sound [music!!=)] ?
by striking steel strings with felt hammers.
The hammers immediately rebound allowing the strings to continue vibrating at their resonant frequency (this is physics!!). These vibrations are transmitted through a bridge ( not my friend, the one in Hawaii, Bridge!! haha) to a soundboard that amplifies them.

These are the steel strings, I'm sure you've seen these in the Grand Piano, if not, then in Tom & Jerry, haha!! When Tom chases Jerry=P

The keyboard :

The pedals :

Piano pedals, from left to right:

The Una Corda :
The words Una corda mean ONE string.
When you step on the una corda pedal, the whole keyboard shift to the right (a bit), so that the hammers hit only one of the three strings for each note. The effect is to soften the note as well as to change the tone.

The Sostenuto :
On many upright pianos, it is called the 'practice' or celeste pedal. This drops a piece of felt between the hammers and strings, greatly muting the sounds.

The Damper :
Since it is the most frequently used, it is placed as the rightmost pedal in the group. It lifts the dampers from all keys, sustaining all played notes, and altering the overall tone.

Types Of Klavier

Grand Piano

Upright Piano
Digital / Electric Piano

My story...
As I said, I started playing Klavier at 7. That time, I was called the beginner, then slowly moved on to Level 1 then Level 2.
One year later, Grade 1, then on & on until Grade 8. {there is no grade 9=)}
I need to learn both practical & theory. ( I lurv Practical but I hate theories )

When I'm in Grade 8, I was 17 years old, last year lah.
When you finished one Grade, you need to sit for exams, one for Practical & one for Theory, either internally or externally. Internal exam is conducted by the music school you go to, & the certificate is given out under the school's name. The exam fee is far far more cheaper than the exam fees for external exam.
External Practical exams are conducted by a foreign examiner from England, usually. They come to Malaysia 2 times a year, if I'm not mistaken. Because I sat for the exams mostly in Spring.
The fees are very expensive, imagine, my Grade 8 Practical exam fees were RM400+.
You go into a small room, play your exam pieces ( 3 songs ), then Aural exam (students will be asked questions, including listening, singing, & general knowledge in music), within 30 minutes, you're released. Woah, I always got tension when I sit for the exams, although the time is just so short. I always fall sick during exam period too. What a pity!!
This does not include the exam fees for Theory, Theory, it was RM300+.
The certificates are given under the British Board called
The Associated Board Of The Royal School Of Music (ABRSM).

The school fees & exam fees increased from one Grade to another.

Now, I'm planning to further into Diploma level for my Piano studies. It will take me at least one year to complete the course, then, exam AGAIN!!! Arghh!! For Diploma, I need to pay RM250 per month, there're only 4 hours lessons per month. Isn't it expensive? I hope, that next time when I work, I can be highly paid, or else, I CAN'T SURVIVE!!!!

The Klavier is my Major Instrument. My minor is Viola, pronounced as ("vee-oh-la") , it is also called the Alto too. In German, Bratsche.I started taking up Viola at the age of 15, my holiday course, then I continue till now. The paths are the same, from Grade 1 - Grade 8, I'm now only preparing for Grade 5, I can skip Grades because I had already passed my Grade 8 in another instrument. Don't need to do theory anymore for viola, yipppeee!!

Viola, is a bowed string instrument. It is the middle voice of the string family, between the Violin and the Cello. The casual observer may mistake the viola for the violin because of their similarity in size, closeness in pitch range (the viola is a perfect fifth below the violin), and identical playing position. However, the viola's timbre sets it apart: its rich, dark-toned sonority is more full-bodied than the violin's. The viola's mellow voice is frequently used for playing inner harmonies, and it does not enjoy the wide solo repertoire or fame of the violin. This instrument, is seldom played in solo, it often needs accompaniment by the piano or other instruments. However, it is a very important instrument in the Orchestra.

I've posted about my viola before.
Click on the link below to know more about my knowledge in viola.