Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It is My BurpDay

It's my 90th POST ( why not 100th?? ) for this blog ღ

& it's my Birthday =)

Guess how old am I? look at my pic...

These two are my recent pics...

Guess?? Guess?? ( Those who knows, don't tell ahh )

& thanx to BARBIE cheche

She made me these


Look at her post in her blog, she posted it right after midnight. =)

I'm so touched cheche, thankie very much=)

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Mei Mei! <3>
Happy Birthday to you...

Close your eyes! Make a wish!
May all you wishes come true...!!!

Today is your special day, my princess Sister! Che Che got this animated birthday card for you. Check this out sweetie!

Barbie also got Mei Mei a pinky birthday cake loaded with all my love for you. My photoshop skill is terrible, but I spent all my heart and soul to do it, and it is for you, my great sister and friend.

Emo Comments For Hi5

Mei Mei! Barbie love you as always! May all our friendship last forever! *muah muah* So, Barbie just wanna be here to wish you a day touched with all the wonder and the magic of life! (((Hug))) Have a wonderful Birthday, my dear!.

& Thanx to all my dear friends who sent me birthday wishes =)

My phone started ringing with message tones right at 12 midnight ( my long lost friend from Bintulu, Jane, is the first! remember my previous post? )

My Long Lost Friends ~ I Found 'Em

even 4.00+ am, there's still message from my friend, so, I didn't sleep well, huhuu...
BUT, happy!!! happy, lalala!!

& my friend in Perth, in Labuan...miss ya!!


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Meimei... Come sing with me.

Qu ni shengri kuaile! qu ni shengri kuaile, qu ni shengri kuaile--eee... Qu ni shengri kuaile!

Yehey... wo de pengyou's shengri... Sorry, I have no "liwu"... Will give you one when I see you in person promise =)

Akira 思胜 said...

Happy Birthday to you ya!!!

Wish ya all the best...

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* Bridge ~ hahahah!!! so funny ur pronounciation...i noe u can say it way better than how u spelt it...thankie!! i sang it inside my heart dy=)

Ni de peng you mei chi xiao ni jiang de hua yu, means = do ur frens owez laugh at ur mandarin?

* Akira ~ thanx!!

Barbie said...

Today is your special day! May all your wishes be fulfilled! The older u get, the more valuable and the perfect you've become! May this very day blessed with the magical pixies on this Princess Sister of mine! Love you sweetie! <3

*muah muah* Hope you get lots of wonderful gifts princess! (((Hug)))

Princess friends and sisters forever! <3

Borneo Falcon said...

Happy Birthday. My guess you are 19 this year.

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Did you burp yet? You said burpday!!! haha, tai hao le!

Yes, I speak funny. By the way, thanks for reading all my posts. You are the second one after Mei-wah.

I have answered ur questions one by one. You can go back and see!

Enjoy your evening dear =)

Chobits said...

Happy Birthday Mei Mei! Hope i am not too late! Yes, havnt reach 12am, not too late, phew~
How you celebrate your birthday?
Wa, Barbie so nice, make birthday cake and animation card and the love, so sweet~ Hope i will have one too for my birthday hehe.
May you stay pretty, young, healthy and happy forever k! Wish all your dreams come true. I see you happy i also happy ler. Hehe~
Actually i already know your age but you look like 16 only. Really, coz you look cute. ^^
Lastly, hugs and kisses for you. >.<

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* Barbie ~ Thanks a lot=) huggsssss
Princess Forever!!

* Borneo Falcon ~ Oppsssyyy... im not dat old yet, haha=) 18=)

* Bridge ~ erm, i din burp, haha!!

yeap, tq for ur reply, i feel that it's worth me reading all ur posts...ur english is so can put words into great sentences, dat's wat i can't do=(

* Chobits ~ Thanx to u too=)

wen is ur bday?

heeeheee, thnx for the compliment oso=) uuu lala, im CUTE!! haha

Mei-Wah said...

meimei cutie... i am sorry for being late to wish you... but i hope late is better than never wishing my dear meimei right? please forgive me... :)

meiwah is here to wish meimei a Happy Birthday! :) a additional candle on the cake does not mean that you are not getting older... it actually means that you are getting wiser!


@ SmalL G!RL said...

* Mei Wah ~ xie xie ni=)

it's ok to b late, it's not important, most important is i gt ur wishes=) yay!! haha, wish u have a nice day...