Monday, June 9, 2008

The BesT

Saturday : 7th June 08

I've been to the Kenwy Music House 2008 concert!!


It was very awesome!!!

What a great night I've enjoyed..

The night rocks!!

However, I forgot to bring my spectacles!! So sad...Was sitting so far away, can't see very clearly..BUT, a MUSICAL concert is supposedly for us to listen to the music, isn't not?
Yeahhh!!! Love it!! Love it!!

Here are some pictures taken by my friend, Beatrice..She went for the concert too..
Luckily there's her to take amazing pictures!! Thanks Beatrice!!

This lady here, she sang 哭砂!! Accompanied by a guitarist..Just the two of them, OMG, I won't forget the performance!!

So nice...I almost cried..*sobsob
This song :

The lyrics :

你是我最苦澀的等待 / You are my most agonizing wait
讓我歡喜又害怕未來 / You make me happy yet afraid of the future
你最愛說你是一顆塵埃 / You always like to call yourself a grain of dust
偶爾會惡作劇的飄進我眼裡 / that occasionally floats into my eye just to play a prank on me
寧願我哭泣 不讓我愛你 / You'll rather I cry than allow me to love you
你就真的像塵埃消失在風裡 / Like a grain of dust, you truly disappeared with the wind

你是我最痛苦的抉擇 / You're my most agonizing decision 
為何你從不放棄飄泊 / Why don't you ever give up your endless wandering?
海對你是那麼難分難捨 / You find it so difficult to part with the sea
你總是帶回滿口袋的砂給我 / and everytime you return you always back pockets of sand for me
難得來看我 卻又離開我 / You hardly visit me, but now you left me
讓那手中瀉落的砂像淚水流 / The grains of sand that fall through my fingers are like tears flowing

風吹來的砂 落在悲傷的眼裡 / Grains of sand blown by the wind settles into my mournful eyes 誰都看出我在等你 / Everyone can tell that I'm waiting for you
風吹來的砂 堆積在心裡 / Grains of sand blown by the wind accumulates in my heart
是誰也擦不去的痕跡 / Leaving scars that no one can erase
風吹來的砂 穿過所有的記憶 /Grains of sand blown by the wind sail past all my memories
誰都知道我在想你 /Everyone can tell that I'm thinking of you
風吹來的砂 冥冥在哭泣 /Grains of sand blown by the wind are tearing ominously
難道早就預言了分離 / Perhaps they have already foretold our parting a long time ago

Isn't it meaningful? I love it so much!! & there are many many other songs performed on the special night!

From the 80's to the modern era.
From English songs, to Japanese songs, Cantonese songs, Chinese songs.
From the youngest performers of age 7 to all age (haha, dno how old are they)
From Eastern musical instruments to Western musical instruments.

They are...The Best!

This CUTIE here, he played this instrument called 揚琴 (Yang Qin)
Isn't he cute!!! I envy those kids, they are so young, & so TALENTED!!

This is a song originally from Ayumi Hamasaki, I am...
They performed it that night too..See? I went to the concert, & it taught me many things..
Told me so many beautiful songs that I never knew they exist!
Taught me so that we shall never Give Up in doing things. (this is what my go go said)

Let me introduce to you Kenwy Music House's Owner, Mr Kenwy..You read the 'About Me' Section here : Kenwy Music House

& let me present Swing Habit!!
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