Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spec!aL Day

14 th June
It's my Daddy's Birthday=)

54th Bday I shall say..

I made something for him..
They are my FAMOUS CUPCAKES again!!

Take a look=) &...Smile to yourself..

We sang birthday song for him early, very early in the morning..
Because I had to go...

Told ya!! see? They were wearing pyjamas, hahaha!!

Let's talk about my SATurday..
NO!! Shall start talking from FRIday night..

SOMEONE (many ppl remembered it wrongly, weird) thought it's my Birthday on the 15th June..
He asked how am I going to celebrate it?
I didn't reply his message tho, was having orchestra practice that time=)

Then, after I'd finished practicing, I text messages with him for the whole night till SATurday MORNING, bla bla bla...many things with him..haha!!

I slept for LESS THAN 5 hours

Sleepy @.@

Woke up so early to prepare for jogging.
Before I went for jogging, played Birthday Song for daddy=)

Actually, a friend of mine, she's taking part in the School Sports Day Running Competition.
She's planning to build up the stamina by jogging around the school field starting today.
As I'm also interested in getting some exercise & perspire, I joined her.

Woah..Cannot stand the tiredness & beating of my heart..tam tam tam tam tam ...soooooo fast!!!! I'm not physically fit nor am I mentally fit
However, managed to finish 10 laps for 45 minutes for my so called 'training'.
My 10 laps journey were like this :
Run Run Jog Jog Walk Run Walk Jog Walk Walk Walk Walk..
hahaha, yea, at last, walk walk walk walk...
I did not perspire at all!!
In fact I got colder...Feeling the chill on me =(
Why?? Why?? Why??
Am I not healthy?

By 9.00am, I'm already in the bathroom for my SECOND bath.
Preparing for teaching.
Got really frustrated talking about teaching these two classes this morning.
Ergh...forget about it

Then, I slept for the afternoon.
Getting sick!!
OMG, not enough sleep, then you straight fall sick??
Useless meimei..

Our dinner for daddy's birthday..
I tried a kind of drink called the Wheatgrass.
First time drinking, not bad..haha!!
It was just a simple dinner with the family..
Hope daddy is happy=)

Now, I'm here, in front of the PC again..
Saying HARLO!!!
to everyone reading this=)
Happy Weekend!!!


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Meimei, your parents are very beautiful =) I think that you will grow into a beautiful lady when you blossom into your youth =)

Happy Birthday to your Daddy... and have a nice time jogging. That's good for you, I jog yesterday morning. That's also part of my daily habit... Either jogging or swimming at 6:00 to 7:00 AM!

Barbie said...

Yes ur Mom and Dad are all beautiful ^ ^ !!! That's y my princess sister is this cute! <3 *muah muah* <3

Wow! Mei Mei went jogging? The useless one is Barbie not you :( Bridge and Mei Mei all have the daily sports activities, but Barbie lol... speechless... Oh well, forget bout this.

Mei Mei need to take a good care of yourself, okie? 5 hours a day is not sufficient for u. Make it 7 okie?

Happy Birthday to your Dad! May God bless him all the best on his very sparkling B-day! He got a cute, talented, and sweet daughter. Ur very own cup cakes for ur dad! Che Che wanna try ur cup cakes too. Must be yum yum! ^ ^

Che Che love you my lovely princess Sister