Sunday, September 28, 2008

What I've Done

This is one of the antiques my dad collects

~ 22nd ~

Completed my TVU assignment..
We had meeting..
Missed out my piano lesson =(

Didn't study

~ 23rd ~

Went for viola lesson
I was over concerned...
Shall I skip so many Grades at once?
My decision..

Got my essay checked by 'tut'..
Bad remarks...

Didn't study

~ 24th ~

I've fell in L.O.V.E. with

Didn't study

~ 25th ~

A day to celebrate

Didn't study

~ The Birthday Gurl ~

~ 26th ~

Another day to celebrate
Got my TVU module approved by 'him'

BUT, I was not in good condition..
Many things will happen if you're the O N L Y_O N E

Met Anne=)
forgot about taking a picture of her ='(

My dad's car's tyre got punctured, 1st and last experience ok?
Thank God =)

Didn't study

~ 27th ~

Last minute


I was so innocent :(
this OR/AND that?
all are your decisions,
where's mine?

Went for a stay in the Holiday Inn

Snapping shots


This is the real Pro







~ 28th ~

Will some one please help her?

Or at least teach me how to help her..

Went to swim =)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Black and White

This is just like a week of BLACKS and WHITES.

My life is getting _______ (let you fill the blank for me) from day to day.

In life, there are many risks to take, decisions to make, consequences to hold.

It's how we see it, but not what is it.

As time ticks on, we realize what's best and what's not.

We learn to handle situations.

We are growing physically as well as mentally.

Well, I guess this is the weirdest post you've ever read from me.

I put all my thoughts concerning my friends and me myself into this post.

Exams have just passed, more to come.

Assignments are to be done and handed in.

They are coming to check on me on the 29th.

Enjoyments fulfill my free time.

Music is still the best to communicate with.

They come and they go.

These are the photos of my new friends in Swinny.

Why are your pics here?? Do not ask me...

We all share the common 'something' inside here..

Try to spot 'it'.

To sisters, princesses, brothers and friends from blog sphere, sorry for not replying to your comments and messages one by one..

I'm blogging for updates only, I've checked on you with latest updates too..only left comments on some blogs, sry...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

中秋節 Lantern Festival

In Malaysia, we called it the Lantern Festival, it is the Mid-Autumn Festival, the third and last festival for the living of a year. Because it falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, many referred to it simply as the "Fifteenth of the Eighth Moon". In the Western calender, the day usually occurs sometime between the second week of September til the second week of October. This year, it falls on the 14th of September. However, it differs according to time zone. So, check your date here, don't eat moon cake on the wrong day, jk

China Time Zone US PST Time Zone US EST Time Zone

September 14, 2008
October 3, 2009
September 22, 2010
September 12, 2011
September 30, 2012

September 13, 2008
October 2, 2009
September 22, 2010
September 12, 2011
September 29, 2012

September 13, 2008
October 2, 2009
September 22, 2010
September 12, 2011
September 29, 2012

At this time, the moon's orbit is at its lowest angle to the horizon, making the moon appear brighter and larger than any other time of the year. It is nice and romantic to view the full moon with your loved ones on that night, holding lanterns in your hands=)

Okie, let's embark a bit into the history of this unique festival.

I. The Lady - Chang Er

The time of this story is around 2170 B.C. The earth once had ten suns circling over it, each took its turn to illuminate to the earth. But one day all ten suns appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. The earth was saved by a strong and tyrannical archer Hou Yi. He succeeded in shooting down nine of the suns. One day, Hou Yi stole the elixir of life from a goddess. However his beautiful wife Chang Er drank the elixir of life in order to save the people from her husband's tyrannical rule. After drinking it, she found herself floating and flew to the moon. Hou Yi loved his divinely beautiful wife so much, he didn't shoot down the moon.

II. The Man - Wu Kang

Wu Kang was a shiftless fellow who changed apprenticeships all the time. One day he decided that he wanted to be an immortal. Wu Kang then went to live in the mountains where he importuned an immortal to teach him. First the immortal taught him about the herbs used to cure sickness, but after three days his characteristic restlessness returned and he asked the immortal to teach him something else. So the immortal teach him chess, but after a short while Wu Kang's enthusiasm again waned. Then Wu Kang was given the books of immortality to study. Of course, Wu Kang became bored within a few days, and asked if they could travel to some new and exciting place. Angered with Wu Kang's impatience, the master banished Wu Kang to the Moon Palace telling him that he must cut down a huge cassia tree before he could return to earth. Though Wu Kang chopped day and night, the magical tree restored itself with each blow, and thus he is up there chopping still.

III. The Hare - Jade Rabbit

In this legend, three fairy sages transformed themselves into pitiful old men and begged for something to eat from a fox, a monkey and a rabbit. The fox and the monkey both had food to give to the old men, but the rabbit, empty-handed, offered his own flesh instead, jumping into a blazing fire to cook himself. The sages were so touched by the rabbit's sacrifice that they let him live in the Moon Palace where he became the "Jade Rabbit."

IV. The Cake - Moon Cake

During the Yuan dynasty (A.D.1280-1368) China was ruled by the Mongolian people. Leaders from the preceding Sung dynasty (A.D.960-1280) were unhappy at submitting to foreign rule, and set how to coordinate the rebellion without it being discovered. The leaders of the rebellion, knowing that the Moon Festival was drawing near, ordered the making of special cakes. Backed into each moon cake was a message with the outline of the attack. On the night of the Moon Festival, the rebels successfully attacked and overthrew the government. What followed was the establishment of Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644). Today, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate this legend.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sore eyes

My eyes are beautiful,
My eyes are to express my feelings,
My eyes are important to me,
My eyes are....tired...

Lately, I've been using the computer very often...

My short-sighted vision has become more severe.

I hope I can stop wearing specs...
Every time I wear, I feel the hammers in my head..

I've got panda eyes too, they indicates that I've got not enough sleep..

I went for teaching as usual on Sunday morning,
gave my students revisions, some show improvements while some show bad signs,

I've got to work hard with them..

It's difficult completing my assignment in MUSIC TEACHING course,

I have to think in many perspectives,

and there are no correct or wrong answers.

No range,

no scheme,

Why everyone seems to get angry...

I don't know are they angry at me,
or are they in bad mood,
or are they NOT angry...

The way they response,

doesn't imply to me what they meant...

I worked out yesterday evening...

Bet I sure will have 6 packs if I keep on doing it..

BUT, I'm not going to do that, hahah!!!

Muscles pain,

heart 'pain',

brain 'pain',

all are attacking me.

BUT, I feel great!!

blessed and loved..

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Les Miserables

Just had another test today...

I am starting to hate my part-time teaching life in IMH, the students are "bullying" me, pity me...Though I am getting more strict on them, they are not scared at me..


I always feel terrible, because every Saturday morning I go for teaching, then we are having test in Uni, so I go to Uni straight after my teaching, I feel terrible, I can't concentrate...

The kids burned my brain cells

I went for orchestra practice just now.. We played something like this...

Tough man!!!

BUT NICE!!! =)

and this...

and and this...


but no singer, only music=)

I don't know what Les Miserables means actually, there are many songs related to this title, I guess it's an old old movie, and all the songs are in that movie...Enjoy=)

okie, enough of old songs...

I've just updated my other blog, it's so abandoned, I guess all of my friends here don't even know I have another blog rite? lolx!! visit visit, for new and nice songs=)

Click h e r e

Another thing to share here...

It's called METAHORN, no correct or wrong spelling, I just spell it out according to the pronunciation, hehehe...

I guess only Kuching, that small place, called Hui Sing open-air, selling this kind of drink, it's introduced there, I don't know, found it quite refreshing=)

Contents look something like this...


Imagine that's me playing okie? thnx=)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Am I the reason for it?






I signed in to my eBlogger during English class today, noty me=P

I felt pitiful for the lecturer, no one seems to listen...

Can someone teach me how to read someone's mind without him/her telling you what he/she is thinking?


Psychic huh?

I wanna learn=)

It's really useful ahhhh!

More assignments to go,
more exams coming up,
more stresses attacking me..