Sunday, September 21, 2008

Black and White

This is just like a week of BLACKS and WHITES.

My life is getting _______ (let you fill the blank for me) from day to day.

In life, there are many risks to take, decisions to make, consequences to hold.

It's how we see it, but not what is it.

As time ticks on, we realize what's best and what's not.

We learn to handle situations.

We are growing physically as well as mentally.

Well, I guess this is the weirdest post you've ever read from me.

I put all my thoughts concerning my friends and me myself into this post.

Exams have just passed, more to come.

Assignments are to be done and handed in.

They are coming to check on me on the 29th.

Enjoyments fulfill my free time.

Music is still the best to communicate with.

They come and they go.

These are the photos of my new friends in Swinny.

Why are your pics here?? Do not ask me...

We all share the common 'something' inside here..

Try to spot 'it'.

To sisters, princesses, brothers and friends from blog sphere, sorry for not replying to your comments and messages one by one..

I'm blogging for updates only, I've checked on you with latest updates too..only left comments on some blogs, sry...


eunice said...

Now is already coming to the end of Sept. Time flies and very soon, exams will be over and the year end holiday awaits you!

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

You Emo?

Barbie said...

Confusion galores =( You really got no time even to say hi to me dear? Emo or watever, I know u'll be back to the happy-go-lucky personality of yours. I know u won't be upset for long, cuz staying happy is part of your positive attitude.