Saturday, May 31, 2008

My LonG LosT Fr!ends ~ I founD 'EM!!!!

I met up with my friends..
Alex & Siok Ying,
2 old times friends.
They are Jane & Joanne (from Bintulu),
I felt really sorry that I can't recognize their faces.

Alex & Siok Ying are my ex-schoolmates, & a going-to-be uni-mate of mine soon.
My 2 long lost friends from Bintulu came to Kuching for tertiary education in Swinburne Uni.
( I was once a classmate of Jane, & a schoolmate of Joanne, while I was studying in Chung Hua Primary School, Bintulu )
Now, Jane & Joanne appear to be Alex's & Siok Ying's classmate in Uni.

The question is.....
How Alex knows Jane & Joanne know me??

The answer :
Alex said : Jane, Joanne, you know what? You two and my another two friends, Siu Mei (me) & Jessica (my bff) look really alike!! You two always stick together, wherever Jane goes, there will be Joanne. & Wherever Siu Mei goes, there will be Jessica!
Jane said : What did you just say?? Siu Mei?? Is it Jong Siu Mei??
Alex said : Yeah! Hey, how you know her surname??
Jane said : She was my bff in Bintulu, when we were in Primary 1-3!! What?? Is this real?? Your friend, Siu Mei, and the one in my mind, are they the same person??
Alex said : OMG!! Is this really true??

Then, Alex showed MY friendster to Jane & Joanne, & YES!! They confirmed it!! That's ME!! They even added me & I approved. That time, I didn't realize that they are my long lost friends, poor me!

That is why Alex arranged a meeting for us. We chatted happily, & I kept on asking about MY PAST. Lolx!! I guess I have short-term memory lost!! Why?? Why?? Why?? Why I can't even remember anything?? But, Why?? Why?? Why?? I still remember my another bff? Her name is Irene. Irene, Jane & me, we TRIO always hang around together in school ( while we were in Primary 1-3 at Bintulu ). When Jane told me that she sat in front of me from Primary 1-3, I was surprised!! Why can't I remember, so sad, & so sorry to her.
Jane, Joanne, we will be University-mate soon!! Wait for me!! Don't forget me too. I will NOT forget you two anymore. So Sorry!

This is Jane & Meimei.
p/s : She has grown into a very pretty lady, no doubt that I can't recognize her face.

This is Joanne & meimei.

Alex holding a knife!! He wanted to kill us!! N...O...!!! NO!!! I still want to be bff with Jane, please.


P/s : There is still one more friend in Bintulu that I can remember till now, her name is Natasha. She is a foreign student. I remember because of two reasons. One, because she is a foreigner. Two, an incident. Which is....
When we had our vaccination, she is the only one who cried so loud!!
I missed Natasha & Irene.

& & &.....I met two ORANG GILA!!!! (insane, stupid, chicky man!!)
They waved at me, I thought they are my friends!! ( because they REALLY look like my friends!! ) That's why I waved back, & then, they drove back, round the
block of the shop where we sat, waved to me again. Oh damn!!! He drove back around three times, then only we realised they are not our friends!! Idiot me!!! ahhhh!! I must wear my specs wherever I go next time, & learnt a lesson, not to simply wave at people.

Friday, May 30, 2008

HapPy GaWai EveryoNe

The carvings on the wood. They do carvings on the pose of their longhouses.

The designs on the natives' Musical Instruments. There are many designs, this is just one of them.

Ahhhh, sorry, I don't know how to greet Happy Gawai Dayak in the Iban or Bidayuh or Dayak language... For those of you who are not Sarawakian, the word GAWAI actually means a ritual or festival whereas DAYAK is a collective name for the native ethnics of Sarawak : Iban, Bidayuh, Kayan, Kenyah, Kelabit, Lun Bawang and others.

The mode of celebration varies from place to place. Preparation starts early. Tuak (rice wine) is brewed (at least one month before the celebration) and traditional delicacies like penganan (cakes from rice flour, sugar and coconut milk) prepared. As the big day approaches, everyone will be busy with the general cleaning and preparing food and cakes. On Gawai Eve, glutinous rice is steamed in bamboo (ngelulun pulut). In the longhouse, new mats will be laid out on the ruai (an open gallery which runs through the entire length of the longhouse). The walls of most bilik (rooms) and the ruai are decorated with Pua Kumbu (traditional blanket). A visit to clean the graveyard is also conducted and offerings offered to the dead. After the visit it is important to bathe before entering the longhouse to ward off bad luck.

This is how TUAK is made.


This is how a Longhouse Looks Like

The Inside :
The traditional celebration of Gawai Dayak in the longhouse are as follows :

The celebration starts on the evening of 31st May. In most Iban's longhouse, it starts with a ceremony called Muai Antu Rua (to cast away the spirit of greediness), signifying the non interference of the spirit of bad luck in the celebration. Two children or men each dragging a chapan ( winnowing basket ) will pass each family room. Every family will throw some unwanted article into the basket. The unwanted articles will be tossed to the ground from the end of the longhouse for the spirit of bad luck.

Around 6 pm, miring (offering ceremony) will take place. Before the ceremony, gendang rayah (ritual music) is performed. The feast chief thanks the gods for the good harvest, ask for guidance, blessings and long life as he sacrifices a cockerel. Dinner will then be served at the ruai. While waiting for midnight, the folks gather and mingle at the ruai and berandau (talk/converse). Meanwhile, drinks, traditional cakes and delicacies are served.

At midnight, the gong is sounded. The tuai rumah ( leader of the longhouse ) will lead everyone to drink the Ai Pengayu ( normally tuak for long life ) and at the same time wishing each other "gayu-guru, gerai-nyamai" ( long life, health and prosperity ). A procession up and down the ruai called Ngalu Petara ( Welcoming the Spirits ) will follow. The celebration by now will get more merrier. Some will dance to the traditional music played. Others will sing the pantun ( poems ). In the town, the Dayak will gather at the community centres or restaurants for a enliven the evening.

Other activities that may follow the next day include cock-fighting, demonstration of blowpipe skills and ngajat ( dance ) competitions. On this day, 1st June, the homes of the Dayaks will be opened to visitors. In the longhouses, there is a practise called masu pengabang where guests will be served with tuak ( rice wine ) by the host before they can enter the longhouse. Dayaks will attend a church mass to thank God for the good harvest. Gawai Dayak celebration may last for several days. Visitors are most welcome to the homes of the Dayaks during the festival.

The costumes they wear during the NGAJAT DANCES.

Gayu-guru, gerai-nyamai

Hom3 MadE YogurT

Fermentation method

Ingredients :

1 Litre Fresh Milk + 2 teaspoon of sugar
1 cup of yogurt ( from the supermarket )

Method :
  • Boil the fresh milk with sugar.
  • Then, turn off the fire & let it cool.
  • When it's at the WARM level, pour in 3/4 cup of the Yogurt from shop, & stir well.
  • Keep it in a covered container & put in the oven. ( not that you need to on the oven, we need to put in the oven to make sure there is no heat lost to the surrounding. )
  • Let the container of milk ferment inside the oven overnight.
  • Chill it before serving.
  • Eat with jam or FRUITS!!

This is the container that I always use for yogurt making. It is actually called the PYREX BOWL.


These are the cousins of mine.

Ah Jun Cheche (from Miri) I just got her pic form her Camera.

Went to visit the Friendship Garden.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was at home, alone.
I updated my blog.
I watched television ( Switched ),
Cooked my own lunch ( Fried Rice ),
& eaten Grapes with Yogurt, yuummmm..
I watched Taiwanese drama online ( Brown Sugar Macchiato ).
I did some homework, then read storybook.

I made the yogurt on my own. =)

& I fried this for Lunch.

Bought these from The Face Shop. Gonna start designing my nails =P

for not replying your message.
I don't know what shall I do..
Three different people,
Three different situations.
You all made me go NUTS!!
You are the one.
Two, You are annoying.
Three, I'm fed up of You!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

HapPy TeacHers' Day To M3!

I cr!ed early in a Saturday morning...

Because of...










scolded by daddy when driving...

He always do that when I drive, & i always feel like crying... *sob sob

Woke up so early on a Sunday morning.

Then, went to the market as usual. Then, then, go teach again...Oh yea, I am a teacher too...Happy Teachers' Day to myself.. lolx!! My student gave me a HEART. It doesn't look special, but I appreciate it loads!! Thanx Wan Yan, love ya!!

A boy colored this.

& a girl colored this.

What's the difference between these two pictures colored by my students?? heheh...

Went to see the place where my mum work during the weekend. There was a LAYERED CAKE COMPETITION held at the waterfront.

This one got No.1?? How can?

& this one got no position at all??

I don't know how they judge it..

It's a very HOT Sunday..

& I saw a small small, tiny tiny MOUSE!!!! on the road side just outside the coffee shop, eeww...That mouse is so 'BRAVE', not scared of people at all, I can even stand there & take it's picture, wanna see?? eeewww....ewww....The shop is at CARPENTER'S STREET...eeewww....eeewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! See....??

Yum Yum, it's enjoying the wateva is in it's hand/leg..


Aunt from Miri is here! With her daughter (my cousin), Ah Jun cheche & her friend, Jia Min. Ah Jun & Jia Min has just finished their degree programme, & they are visiting Kuching for the 'graduation tour' =)

This is Jia Min, she's vegetarian ( I dn have a Pic of Ah Jun:'( it's in her camera )

We brought them for dinner at Zhong Guo Fan Dian. The food was GREAT!! & there was a live band performing nice songs. LOVE songs like SEVEN LONELY DAYS, ONLY YOU & WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW were performed. I feel thrilled everytime I listen to these seventy's-eighty's songs, but, last night, they were AWESOME!! & they are all senior performers, the band members as well as the singers..

The base player, is the one holding the red & white guitar, my brother & I observed him for a very long time, admiring his playing, & he kept on looking back at us too, lolx!! so funny!! He's good in singing too.

We enjoyed the food too :P

The white white thing is Quail Egg. Tasted like the usual chicky egg though.

Enough of the food yeah, now the FAMILY!!

This is 'my mum's side of the family'.

Standing : Child No.1, Child No.2, Child No.3(the one from Miri), Child No.4(my mum) & Child No.6

Sitting : Mama(my grandma) & Child No.5(the only son)

With the husbands/wife. P/s:the little girl is so naughty!! Ergh, the whole night making stupid sounds.

This is my Daddy & my NIECE,OMG I am so OLD.

& this is ME!! I GAINED WEIGHT, MASS or wateva it is...SO SAD

Thursday, May 22, 2008

SOM3 ONE -- I thought of SOMEONE when I read this, what about you?

You are Everything To Somebody
Right now at this very minute-----------


is very proud of you


is thinking of you
cares about you
misses you


wants to talk to you
wants to be with you
hopes you aren't in trouble


is thankful for the support you have
wants to hold your hand


hopes everything turns out all right
wants you to be happy


wants you to find them


is celebrating your successes
wants to give you a gift
thinks you ARE a gift
hopes you are not too cold, or too hot
wants to hug you


loves you
wants to lavish you with small gifts
admires your strength


is thinking of you and smiling


wants to be your shoulder to cry on
wants to go out with you and have a lot of fun


thinks the world of you
wants to protect you
would do anything for you
wants to be forgiven
is grateful for your forgiveness


wants to laugh with you about old times


remembers you and wishes you were there


needs to know that your love is unconditional


values your advice
wants to tell you how much they care
wants to stay up watching old movies with


wants to share their dreams with you


wants to hold you in their arms
wants YOU to hold them in your arms
treasures your spirit


wishes they could STOP time because of


can't wait to see you
wishes that things didn't have to change


loves you for who you are


loves the way you make them feel
wants to be with you
hears a song that reminds them of you
wants you to know they are there for you
is glad that you're their friend
wants to be your friend
stayed up all night thinking about you


is alive because of you


is wishing that you would notice them
wants to get to know you better


believes that you are their soul mate


wants to be near you
misses your guidance and advice


values your guidance and advice


has faith in you


trusts you
needs you to send them this letter


needs your support
needs you to have faith in them
needs you to let them be your friend


will cry when they read this



This is my VIOLA.

I've not been practicing my Viola for a week!! sooooooo longgggg.......

I joined an orchestra group by the Sarawak's Symphony. We have group practice everyday Friday nights, & I've only started joining the group since the 9th of May, which means that I've only been in the practice twice till now. It was quite TERRIBLE!! We have to play the pieces just by sight-reading, meaning that when the conductor, we called him Mr Leong, pass every one of us the music score, we're given only around 5 minutes to look at it, and then start playing..OMG!!! I am only in grade 5 ( My Grade 5 is NOT a very good Grade 5, I jumped grade from grade 3 to Grade 5 straight, what do you expect from me?? ) Sometimes, for the whole line, about 4-6 bars, I don't even play a note!!!! I just stared at the score BLANKLY..Helping my partner to turn the page...Holding my bow on the strings, but do nothing else!! BUT, I'll train myself to get better..I learnt from my friends in the orchestra group that, they ALSO DO NOT do well when they first joined the orchestra, but they catch up after some time. I hope I can get better, and become a professional string player xD Tomorrow!! it's the practice night again!! Wish me luck!!

p/s : We can get the chance to perform in front of those VIPs! ONLY IF we're good enough...hhhmmm...I wonder untill when then only will I get the chance to perform in such orchestras.

My viola lessons are also scheduled on Friday, afternoon 2-2.30pm. Half an hour?? Yeap!! Usually students go for one hour lesson is because they do one hour Practical and one hour Theory, I've completed my theory, so, NO MORE theory!! yay!! haha, I DON'T LIKE THEORY!! I haven't got a book for my Grade 5 syllabus, so, I have to do SCALES every week!! erm, yeah, scales are not for me too...I just don't like it. Why is it so difficult to buy a VIOLA BOOK???

This is me with my friend, or sister!! Kathy che che, she's in USQ Australia completing her degree in Music now..Miss her. This picture was taken during the IMH's annual concert 2007.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've no idea what to write...So you can see my Title is '.....'

Just a short update


I WORKed OUT for three days straight, don't feel like doing it today...

I'm always doing things in such a way persistence, no determination at all!!! hahah

Chemistry is damn tough!!! It's ORGANIC CHEMISTRY that's killing me!!
PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY?? Not feeling the pain YET...We just started seeing the teacher today..

She is










buhuhuuuuu!!! I've got PIMPLES on my face!! Shit!! So damn hate it!!
Is there anything to do with studies?? OF COURSE!!

p/s: Ge, bie xiao wo le!!! I'm stress mar=/

Friday, May 16, 2008

Cup Cak3s

Today, my school have a celebration on Teachers' Day. I escaped school!!!

But, my brother went to school & each of them in the class were asked to bring some food for the teachers.

Therefore, I came out with an idea, & I told my mum :

"Why not we just bake some CUPCAKES & let him bring to school?"

Mum agreed, so, we went to buy the ingredients & started the work at 8.00pm sharp!!

Mix Mix Mix!!!!

Bake Bake Bake!!!

Eat Eat Eat!!!!

&.....Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!! This is Beverly's Secret!!! I copied her recipe..

p/s : My brother didn't help at all, even with the packaging,

he DID NOT help at all... Lazy Bone!!!

We finished all the work at around 11.00pm.