Thursday, May 8, 2008

Qu3sT!onsS Com!nG

I went out with a bunch of friends last night for movie, Iron Man. The movie was quite ok..But, I was not really concentrating, maybe it's because of my mood though. Buhuhu...Have I gone mad?? Maybe. The night went on quite 'crazily' ( I just laugh & smile at anything ), until the last moment before I went home, someone said something that MAKES(it's STILL) me feels so embarrassed, and it was totally nonsense!! Oh shit!!! Ridiculously, wrong. I felt soooooooo...down..Then I gone back home, & had to face my parents again, for going home late. It's not yet 12am...hhmm...I'm not allowed to go out at night anymore!! It's such a sad thing. I went upstairs, cried & cried & cried till I fell asleep. Woke up, to see me cry AGAIN. the whole morning I was alone at home, & cried & cried & cried AGAIN!! I'm gonna CRY till my EYES SOAR, & my 'tears pore' (don't know what is it called) got infections.

~ I felt sooooo DAMN :






and....anything else that is NEGATIVE!!! ~

I asked God, what's wrong with me? Why do I CRY every minute, every second? I can cry even if u just talk to me, or touch me. Why? Why? Why? I cry because of something sad? or of what I've done? or is it because of my friends are going far far away? or wat?? I don't know the reason.

Can Anyone understands me?? HELP!!

Okay, that's one thing...
& the other thing is...

A told me about something the other night.
A said that B hates me, that is why B never greets me unless...some other friends are around.
A was in love with B for quite sometime, & I was quite close with A, because A & my ex were close friends. A always say that B is his gf, & B always denies it, whenever people asked about it. B says, NO!!!
But, A says that B hates me & said that I always pretend to be weak & gets sympathy from friends & guyz..
So, is it really true? those who know me in person? Do I really pretend to be weak & gets sympathy from you guyz?
Or, is it that B is jealous 'coz I'm close with A?
Or, I shall not listen to what A says. A just wanna cheat me.
p/s : A is not a good person, he SUCKZ!!!

A is a GUY, & B is a GIRL.
B was my good friend in primary school, lower form, we were quite ok, only upper form, I heard from many people that she has changed and she don't like me....hhmmm...


ClArEnCe lOvE WinNIe said...

hv u greed ur mumy hapy mother day???who r the 1 make u sad!WTF!ask thm cm out n i scld!n who tat A n B?! CIBXX ppl!sendiri punya hal oso wan relate to my daughter!WTF! @^&*%!

@ SmalL G!RL said...

haha!!! oppssyyy...i 4gt to say hpy mother's day...but i gt chat wif her awhile nia...she at damai nw? haiz...