Friday, May 30, 2008

Hom3 MadE YogurT

Fermentation method

Ingredients :

1 Litre Fresh Milk + 2 teaspoon of sugar
1 cup of yogurt ( from the supermarket )

Method :
  • Boil the fresh milk with sugar.
  • Then, turn off the fire & let it cool.
  • When it's at the WARM level, pour in 3/4 cup of the Yogurt from shop, & stir well.
  • Keep it in a covered container & put in the oven. ( not that you need to on the oven, we need to put in the oven to make sure there is no heat lost to the surrounding. )
  • Let the container of milk ferment inside the oven overnight.
  • Chill it before serving.
  • Eat with jam or FRUITS!!

This is the container that I always use for yogurt making. It is actually called the PYREX BOWL.


Barbie said...

I gonna make the yogurt for myself this weekend! and yes! I'll follow ya receip :P Thks for sharing, but hey, wat if I don't wanna boil milk with sugar? Would there be any changes in taste?

@ SmalL G!RL said...

if u dn add in sugar, den there's no taste for the yogurt, no SWEET taste i mean...=P