Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lat3 ~ Mothers' Day

It's been a while since I update my blog.. heheh, i had been busy
( LAZY!!! ) haha!!

Let's talk about how my family celebrated our Mothers' Day last weekend. Actually, we didn't celebrate on Sunday, BUT SATURDAY!!

Haiz, morning i went to teach,it was not a happy day for me...buhuuuuhuuu...but, it's over liao...today is Tuesday!!

This was the picture taken on Saturday morning. They are all Five years old, or younger..Look at the yellow shirt boy, he is the one who was angry the other day...haha, clapping the rhythm..HE IS VERY VERY NAUGHTY ar...'gek si wa' liao!! They are all soooooo cute!!! Having me to teach small kids as part time job is ok la, but for my entire life? Please NOOOOOOOO!!!

Okok!! Mothers' Day celebration. We went to check out Holiday Inn, FULL!!! Crowne Plaza's Restaurants, FULL!! The other one, don't know what it's called (next to the Grand Continental Hotel), FULL!!! At last, we went to TOP SPOT!! My second time there.=)

Heehee...my mama!!

He don't like to post this. He wanted me to delete it tho..hehe, hope he don't see this, or I'll got killed...Bang!! Bang!!!
p/s: Bro!! it's ok lar...I oso have double chin wad...:'(

This looks better hah? hehe

Oyster Pancake!! First time I see this!! I tried to eat the crispy crispy part...BUT, I don't dare to touch the oysters!!
p/s: I don't like to eat seafood, I only like crabs, prawns and some types of fish.
I am very choosy in food de...But I like crispy crispy thingy!! So, I love this oyster pancake!!!

Owh...I haven't update about my JPA scholarship application. I DID NOT get it!! buhuhuu...but it's ok lar...I'm starting Form6 right now.. & it's just TEMPORARY!!! I wanna go to Swinburne University for foundation in Engineering soon, in July.

Form6, hhmmm...today, we started our lessons, the teachers are new to me...First, we had Chemistry class, we played BINGO in class oh!!! haha!! I cannot recall anything deep, just the 'surface' of everything... haha!! Learnt the organic compounds & bla bla bla!! INTERESTING!!! Then, physics class, wow, that teacher!! When she first enter class, we(maybe only me??) felt very nervous, she looked so fierce!! She talked also in a quite fierce accent!! BUT, as the class went on, I feel that she is quite interesting!! Heheh.. Then, maths! Haiz, I thought this is the most interesting slot of the day, BUT, it's the most boring one!! That teacher is boring, not the subject=)

Tuesday!!! Something quite happy happened...For awhile, but it's ok liao...If only I can read someone's mind;) *sigh

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