Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I was at home, alone.
I updated my blog.
I watched television ( Switched ),
Cooked my own lunch ( Fried Rice ),
& eaten Grapes with Yogurt, yuummmm..
I watched Taiwanese drama online ( Brown Sugar Macchiato ).
I did some homework, then read storybook.

I made the yogurt on my own. =)

& I fried this for Lunch.

Bought these from The Face Shop. Gonna start designing my nails =P

for not replying your message.
I don't know what shall I do..
Three different people,
Three different situations.
You all made me go NUTS!!
You are the one.
Two, You are annoying.
Three, I'm fed up of You!

1 comment:

Barbie said...

Mei Mei! Who is that 3 YOU, you meant? *sob sob* I dont' wanna be anyone of these you :(

You made ur own yogurt? I have no idea how to made a proper yogurt except going to the mall, and get them in the fridge ^ ^ I LUV Yogurt!!! Yum Yum !!!!! ^ ^

Your day routines is quite interesting, seriously! Today, I slept until noon, cuz I don't have lecture every Monday and Tuesday mornings ^ ^ Heh Heh... In the afternoon, I went to school, and came back home, and took a 2 hours nap ^ ^ Then, got up and had my dinner lol.... ^ ^ pretty odd, don't u think?

Cutie Mei Mei ^ ^ Always stay HEALTHY!!!! ((((( hugsssss)))))

Luv ya * Muah Muah *