Thursday, May 22, 2008


This is my VIOLA.

I've not been practicing my Viola for a week!! sooooooo longgggg.......

I joined an orchestra group by the Sarawak's Symphony. We have group practice everyday Friday nights, & I've only started joining the group since the 9th of May, which means that I've only been in the practice twice till now. It was quite TERRIBLE!! We have to play the pieces just by sight-reading, meaning that when the conductor, we called him Mr Leong, pass every one of us the music score, we're given only around 5 minutes to look at it, and then start playing..OMG!!! I am only in grade 5 ( My Grade 5 is NOT a very good Grade 5, I jumped grade from grade 3 to Grade 5 straight, what do you expect from me?? ) Sometimes, for the whole line, about 4-6 bars, I don't even play a note!!!! I just stared at the score BLANKLY..Helping my partner to turn the page...Holding my bow on the strings, but do nothing else!! BUT, I'll train myself to get better..I learnt from my friends in the orchestra group that, they ALSO DO NOT do well when they first joined the orchestra, but they catch up after some time. I hope I can get better, and become a professional string player xD Tomorrow!! it's the practice night again!! Wish me luck!!

p/s : We can get the chance to perform in front of those VIPs! ONLY IF we're good enough...hhhmmm...I wonder untill when then only will I get the chance to perform in such orchestras.

My viola lessons are also scheduled on Friday, afternoon 2-2.30pm. Half an hour?? Yeap!! Usually students go for one hour lesson is because they do one hour Practical and one hour Theory, I've completed my theory, so, NO MORE theory!! yay!! haha, I DON'T LIKE THEORY!! I haven't got a book for my Grade 5 syllabus, so, I have to do SCALES every week!! erm, yeah, scales are not for me too...I just don't like it. Why is it so difficult to buy a VIOLA BOOK???

This is me with my friend, or sister!! Kathy che che, she's in USQ Australia completing her degree in Music now..Miss her. This picture was taken during the IMH's annual concert 2007.


Barbie said...

Wow, you are so much into music, sweetie??? Cool ^ ^ YOu can also play piano, right?

@ SmalL G!RL said...

yupp yupp!!! hehehh