Sunday, May 25, 2008

HapPy TeacHers' Day To M3!

I cr!ed early in a Saturday morning...

Because of...










scolded by daddy when driving...

He always do that when I drive, & i always feel like crying... *sob sob

Woke up so early on a Sunday morning.

Then, went to the market as usual. Then, then, go teach again...Oh yea, I am a teacher too...Happy Teachers' Day to myself.. lolx!! My student gave me a HEART. It doesn't look special, but I appreciate it loads!! Thanx Wan Yan, love ya!!

A boy colored this.

& a girl colored this.

What's the difference between these two pictures colored by my students?? heheh...

Went to see the place where my mum work during the weekend. There was a LAYERED CAKE COMPETITION held at the waterfront.

This one got No.1?? How can?

& this one got no position at all??

I don't know how they judge it..

It's a very HOT Sunday..

& I saw a small small, tiny tiny MOUSE!!!! on the road side just outside the coffee shop, eeww...That mouse is so 'BRAVE', not scared of people at all, I can even stand there & take it's picture, wanna see?? eeewww....ewww....The shop is at CARPENTER'S STREET...eeewww....eeewwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! See....??

Yum Yum, it's enjoying the wateva is in it's hand/leg..


Barbie said...

Hi sweetie! Don't cry, okie? Cheerish and smile just like this (^__^)

I also got scholded from ma dad as well, so u're not the only one to be complained :P You have a companion! ^_^ I'm super lethargic! No doubt why I got scholded this often lol... ^ ^ Heh Heh...

@ SmalL G!RL said...

i gt scolded during dad gav a HUGE 'COMMENT' while i drive n he sits in the passenger sit, nag nag nag...

p/s:i just passed my driving test, dat's why...n d car i drive is old m odel car, it's damn hard to control everything.