Thursday, May 1, 2008

ThE 1st Day of MAY

~ Blu3bErry BreakfasT ~

My BLUEBERRY CAKE. I made this, for MUMMY !!! Believe it or not?? Just believe it!!!
It's quite a failure, the chiffon cake sinked :'(
But, it's ok la, the second time I'm baking a whole cake. =)
It's better than my Yogurt Cake right?? Heheh

YES!!!! Today's my mummy's birthday!! The 1st of MAY. She's 53 now. Everyone in the whole wide world is helping her to celebrate it, cool hah?! Haha!! So lucky her, but, my grandma kesian lo. Everyone resting and playing on the day, she still need to give birth, the most painful & happy 'process'.

I wish mummy & everyone whose birthday falls on the 1st of MAY, a very very very happy birthday & SMILE!! LAUGH!!! & do what you want to do, just go crazy on this special day, no one will say anything about it=P

~ Mdm Tang's LUNCH ~

Nasi Lemak Special?? Nothing special lah..

~ THAI Dinn3r ~


Deep Fried Crispy Chicken With Thai Chilli Sauce.

Petai with Glass Noodles, NICE oh

Grilled Lamb Thai North-East Style, the BEST!! Daddy says so=P


I went there after dinner, that was my third time visiting the shop. Great changes I noticed, since the last visit (quite long time ago:/), the shop is getting bigger & bigger, more interesting, they earned a lot hah??

Managed to shot few nice views:

She was 'teaching' lolx!!!! ADMIRING!!!

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