Saturday, May 31, 2008

My LonG LosT Fr!ends ~ I founD 'EM!!!!

I met up with my friends..
Alex & Siok Ying,
2 old times friends.
They are Jane & Joanne (from Bintulu),
I felt really sorry that I can't recognize their faces.

Alex & Siok Ying are my ex-schoolmates, & a going-to-be uni-mate of mine soon.
My 2 long lost friends from Bintulu came to Kuching for tertiary education in Swinburne Uni.
( I was once a classmate of Jane, & a schoolmate of Joanne, while I was studying in Chung Hua Primary School, Bintulu )
Now, Jane & Joanne appear to be Alex's & Siok Ying's classmate in Uni.

The question is.....
How Alex knows Jane & Joanne know me??

The answer :
Alex said : Jane, Joanne, you know what? You two and my another two friends, Siu Mei (me) & Jessica (my bff) look really alike!! You two always stick together, wherever Jane goes, there will be Joanne. & Wherever Siu Mei goes, there will be Jessica!
Jane said : What did you just say?? Siu Mei?? Is it Jong Siu Mei??
Alex said : Yeah! Hey, how you know her surname??
Jane said : She was my bff in Bintulu, when we were in Primary 1-3!! What?? Is this real?? Your friend, Siu Mei, and the one in my mind, are they the same person??
Alex said : OMG!! Is this really true??

Then, Alex showed MY friendster to Jane & Joanne, & YES!! They confirmed it!! That's ME!! They even added me & I approved. That time, I didn't realize that they are my long lost friends, poor me!

That is why Alex arranged a meeting for us. We chatted happily, & I kept on asking about MY PAST. Lolx!! I guess I have short-term memory lost!! Why?? Why?? Why?? Why I can't even remember anything?? But, Why?? Why?? Why?? I still remember my another bff? Her name is Irene. Irene, Jane & me, we TRIO always hang around together in school ( while we were in Primary 1-3 at Bintulu ). When Jane told me that she sat in front of me from Primary 1-3, I was surprised!! Why can't I remember, so sad, & so sorry to her.
Jane, Joanne, we will be University-mate soon!! Wait for me!! Don't forget me too. I will NOT forget you two anymore. So Sorry!

This is Jane & Meimei.
p/s : She has grown into a very pretty lady, no doubt that I can't recognize her face.

This is Joanne & meimei.

Alex holding a knife!! He wanted to kill us!! N...O...!!! NO!!! I still want to be bff with Jane, please.


P/s : There is still one more friend in Bintulu that I can remember till now, her name is Natasha. She is a foreign student. I remember because of two reasons. One, because she is a foreigner. Two, an incident. Which is....
When we had our vaccination, she is the only one who cried so loud!!
I missed Natasha & Irene.

& & &.....I met two ORANG GILA!!!! (insane, stupid, chicky man!!)
They waved at me, I thought they are my friends!! ( because they REALLY look like my friends!! ) That's why I waved back, & then, they drove back, round the
block of the shop where we sat, waved to me again. Oh damn!!! He drove back around three times, then only we realised they are not our friends!! Idiot me!!! ahhhh!! I must wear my specs wherever I go next time, & learnt a lesson, not to simply wave at people.


Barbie said...

So envy you now, Princess :( You make me miss my recent lost best frn now *sob sob* But well, gotta move on :)

You look very pretty! ^ ^ Wat a cute Chinese Princess! *hug*

@ SmalL G!RL said...

heheh!! thnx thnx! n...dn tink too much princess cheche! u will get used to living without ur best friend's shadow always happen in life..I've been tru it too=/ mei mei can, che che can too!! gambateh!