Monday, June 2, 2008

My Gawai Day VisitTing 1

It was 1st June (yesterday, didn't update anonymously=/)
As it is a Sunday, as usual, my family will go for marketing
I saw many many big big fishes again today..
& there are less, almost NO Chicken meat & Pork Meat,
'Chang' Festival is coming soon!!!
People hunt for meats to make 'Chang'.

Okie, let's talk about 'Chang' later on..
My visit to a kampung at Bau.
My daddy brought us to his colleague's house, I called him Uncle Boni.
He is a Bidayuh, & just lives at the end of the road in the same residential with ours.
However, this year, Uncle Boni & family celebrate Gawai Dayak in his Kampung, in a place called BAU (this is a Malay word, meaning Smelly, Stinky or wateva, I wonder how it got its name, maybe long long time ago, this is a very smelly place? ewww)

This is the house that we visited.

The tradition when we visit our friends during a Gawai Dayak festival,
the owner of the house will try to force the visitors to drink Tuak (the RICE WINE).
However, Uncle Boni doesn't stick strictly to the tradition, he just offered us the wine, & it's up to us whether we want to drink it or not.
&...Guess What?? I tried it!! It tasted..sweet-bitter-hot-nothing else
The tuak contains 7-8% Alcohol.
According to Uncle Boni's wife, Auntie Bony(lolx),
The longer they keep the Tuak, the better it will be,
the stronger it will be,
the higher quality it will be,
the more valuable it is!!
People tend to keep Tuak for over 10 years.
The Tuak that I drank yesterday, has only kept for a few months I guess.

Besides Tuak, I drank Scotch Whisky too..
contains 43% of alcohol.
NO sweet taste,
but just
I only tasted few mouthfuls only lar..
I'm good gurl wad ***

Besides Tuak, they served Curry, Barbeque Pork, Sweet & Spicy Chicken, 'Ngo Hiang', 'Kah Chiang Ma'...It looks almost like the chinese's food.
Of course, there were kuih-muih (cake).

Taht's all for our visit & lunch!!

Oh, I cooked Spaghetti!!

Daddy helped me too lah!! how can I know how to handle so many things by myself??
Lurv Spaghetti!!
Mummy & my younger bro do not know how to eat Italian food, such a pity!


Barbie said...

I bet you had lots of fun on Gawai Day, huh, sweetie? Hah Hah... that's great that the host didn't compel you all to drink Tuak. I used to see this kind of wine made from wine in the Chinese movies, wondering if it is originated from Malaysia or Chinese? :)

I couldn't leave my comment on ur latest post about Chang cake at all, they said it's the server's outage like that :( At the first glance, Che Che thought Mei Mei helps ur Granny making Chang, but lol... Mei Mei just click and click like that :P Heh Heh....

In my country, we have Chang either, just that it is made in a different way. Cambodian Chang has no meat inside, it is just from some kind of jelly or sth with the special herb, and we wrap it up with the leaf :) Some people serve it with sugar, it depends. Plus, Cambodian Chang is abit smaller in size, but look pretty much alike as ur Chang :)

@ SmalL G!RL said...

weeeeehhhh!!! cheche!! hey! yup, i did have fun on Gawai Day..& the second day, i started to get sick, sore throat...pain pain ahhH!!! till i dn stop talking for the whole day.. my parents oni realize my illness this morning, pity me...din slp well last nite...din read 'fairy tales' either..

Chang Chang!! haha, me naughty naughty, dn wanna help...felt so sick wad...=P i tink the Chang in Cambodia, that u mentioned, is the same as another type of chang here in Msia..Is it that there is nothing inside the chang & just glutinous rice? & people says, DONT EAT TOO MUCH, Later ur TUMMY FEELS BLOATED..hahah