Monday, June 2, 2008

'Chang' FESTIVAL ~ 端午節

My mama & aunties busy wrap wrap wrap the 'Chang' & I of course do HELP!! I busy click clikc click, take photos. weeeehoooo!!
To show you :

The ingredients.

Many Many 粽子

I researched a bit on Duan Wu Jie. Just read this if it interests you =)

Duan Wu Jie is a day to commemorate the Chinese patriot and poet, 屈原 Qu Yuan. Falling on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, ( which is 8th of June '08 ) it is a day to remind oneself of one's duties and obligations to the nation. Other than eating 'Chang' ( rice dumplings ) and participating in dragon boat races, this occasion ought to be used to commemorate the national patriots and to emphasise on the importance of loyalty and commitment to the community.

~ The ORIGIN ~

During the tumultous period of the Warring States, there lived a wise and learned man called Qu Yuan 屈原 (340 - 278 B.C.). He served in various official capacities in the Chu Kingdom. Evil court official, being antagonised by Qu Yuan's ability and reforms, influenced the weak-minded emperor to dismiss and exile him.

During the next 20 years following his exile, Qu Yuan traveled extensively and composed verses on what he saw and thought. With the progressive occupation of Chu land by the Qin Kingdom, Qu Yuan was totally disheartened. Finally, being overwhelmed by misery, Qu Yuan clasped a stone to his chest and plunged into the Mi Luo River (in Hunan province) on the fifth day of the fifth month.

Upon hearing Qu Yuan's suicide, the fishermen set sail to look for his body, hence began the tradition of holding dragon boat competitions. However, Qu Yuan's body could not be found and people started throwing rice into the river to feed Qu Yuan. Later the local fishermen were told in a dream that the fishes and other sea creatures got the rice instead of Qu Yuan. Therefore, the next time they threw rice into the river, they first stuffed it into bamboo sections. This custom is later evolved into the present day version: rice wrapped in bamboo leaves stuffed with meat, beans, salted egg yolks, mushrooms, etc..

People will start making and exchanging dumplings among relatives and friends as early as one week before the actual day. For those who practice ancestral worship, they would set aside some dumplings to be offered to their ancestors.

- read as Duan Wu Jie = Chang Festival.
CHANG is called
粽子 (ZHONG ZI) in chinese.


Mei-Wah said...

happy dumpling festival to you meimei!!! my mum doesn't know how to make dumplings... :( would your mum kind enough to spare me some home-made dumplings to meiwah? hurrhurrhurr... (T_______T)

@ SmalL G!RL said...

hahah!!! my mum do sent to the cousins n relatives n neighbours n friends! how to send it to mei-wah ler? heehee!! post-laju?