Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Study Study

It's TIME!!!!

To refresh my mind...

Dig Dig Dig!!!

out all the Chemistry, Physics, Biology from deep inside my brain.

Come to the Surface!!!

Opppsssyyy...DON'T forget Mathematics=]

Pity my cutie here, she accompanies me all the time I study, now the arm BROKEN?!
Okie, I help u make it back to the place, kay? kay? don't look at me like that!!
She's a bookworm too yeah? hehe

Cutie says : Hey!!! I didn't ask you to take photos!! You're supposed to study okie??


Akira 思胜 said...

Well, u have to study hard ya!!! Hehe... Gambatte Kudasai...

@ SmalL G!RL said...

=) thnkie

Barbie said...

Class almost starts again Princess? Good luck on ur studying babe! Try the best you can! *muah muah* (((hug)))

Derick said... hard and study smart. wish u all the best

Mei-Wah said...

work hard ya meimei!!!
study hard and also smart! *wink*

Chobits said...

Mei Mei! Add Oil k, don't play with cutie already ar. Be careful not to reak her right arm ar, haha~ Be a good girl k!
Cutie and Chobits: "Good luck and all the best! Mei Mei! Go! Go! ^^"