Monday, June 9, 2008

C U T I E s ?

Why is my post title being given C U T I E s?

Let's check out these photos...

This is the kid who played Yang Qin. I've introduced him to you in my previous post.
Told ya, he is very very TALENTED, & why is he soooooooooo CUTE?? omg!!!

This is Laura, my cousin. She's actually eating something. She loves to take pictures.

This is Ethaneal. A friend of mine. He is actually my friend's brother, but it seems like I'm closer to him than to his sister, haha! LOOK!! at his pants, something sticking on to the pants??

This, (I mean the small one=P) my niece! She is so cute rite? Her father (my cousin) is a musician & lecturer in SEGi College, KL Campus.
He looks handsome & all the siblings in his family, knows how to play at least one instrument, they are gifted. Wish I am, too..

These three!!! Naughty cuties here!!
From left, Kathy, Wan Yan & Jolie.
Kathy & Wan Yan are my students!! haha..
I'm a part-time piano-theory teacher la..=)
Jolie, is my another friend, Michelle's student. She's supposed to have her lessons on Fridays, but she comes on Sunday.
Maybe she likes to stick with me, ahaha!!
These are just some of my students. I've got two classes on Saturday & two classes on Sunday.

This?? nothing to do with the title..
Actually, Wan Yan took this picture. She's quite good isn't she?

These are my another class's (Sat class) students.
You've seen this photo before in my previous post.
Front, left to right : Ashby, Isabelle & Vanessa.
Back, left to right : Irenaeus & Wei Xiang.
Aren't they cute??

Why am I showing these photos here?
No reason at all!! =P
I'm just wondering, why do I like small kids that much??
I like to look at them, BUT if they are naughty & rude kids, then I'll totally change my impression on them 360' straight!
Hope all the babies in the world grow into cute little kids, talented & respectable child =)


Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Aw!! No wonder you ask about my cute nephew =)... You have cute little boys and girls there! I'm sure they're very naughty. Hard to handle 'em, aren't they?

Hope you stay pretty, no wrinkles on your face yet... Teaching kids is a lot harder than teaching the big ones. I became an English substitute teacher before (elementary) when I was taking my Masters degree =)

Rachelle said...

aww. cute kids. :)

Barbie said...

Hah hah... Yeah, Bridge! My dear cutie Mei Mei really loves the kids! I agree with ya here. Handling with kids is not as easy as it may sound. 2 thumbs up for u sweetie <3 Barbie loves the kids too heh heh, esp hyper cute kid ^ ^ Yeah, won't forget the cute Big frog. Wat his name? Forgot lol...

All your students are lovely and cute!!! HEy, babe, no need to wish to be gifted, cuz you're already GLOW.

Che Che loves Mei Mei loads! Take care cutie