Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why SaL3?? Don'T C@r3!!! Just........SHOP!!!!!

So lazy to write anything long...

Sim Yi Sim Yi!!!! yes!!! I didn't buy this lar, it's just too nice to resist!!


Lychee Cream, Mango Cream (DON'T TRY THIS!!! Tasted like ANTIBIOTIC) & Vanilla watt...dno the full name, hehe

Bought these 2, mummy bought SIX shirts!!! crazy??

Love this pic!!! It's as if I dyed my hair...lolx!! yea yea, i went for hair cut lar...
p/s : mama says, it looks the same, seems like I don't go for a hair cut at all...:'(

This is my new student, Rachel, okok lar...nth much!! I just like the bag!!!!!
Muahaha!!!, at the back, Audrey, starring..Shocked i guess, hahah!!!!

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