Sunday, May 25, 2008


Aunt from Miri is here! With her daughter (my cousin), Ah Jun cheche & her friend, Jia Min. Ah Jun & Jia Min has just finished their degree programme, & they are visiting Kuching for the 'graduation tour' =)

This is Jia Min, she's vegetarian ( I dn have a Pic of Ah Jun:'( it's in her camera )

We brought them for dinner at Zhong Guo Fan Dian. The food was GREAT!! & there was a live band performing nice songs. LOVE songs like SEVEN LONELY DAYS, ONLY YOU & WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW were performed. I feel thrilled everytime I listen to these seventy's-eighty's songs, but, last night, they were AWESOME!! & they are all senior performers, the band members as well as the singers..

The base player, is the one holding the red & white guitar, my brother & I observed him for a very long time, admiring his playing, & he kept on looking back at us too, lolx!! so funny!! He's good in singing too.

We enjoyed the food too :P

The white white thing is Quail Egg. Tasted like the usual chicky egg though.

Enough of the food yeah, now the FAMILY!!

This is 'my mum's side of the family'.

Standing : Child No.1, Child No.2, Child No.3(the one from Miri), Child No.4(my mum) & Child No.6

Sitting : Mama(my grandma) & Child No.5(the only son)

With the husbands/wife. P/s:the little girl is so naughty!! Ergh, the whole night making stupid sounds.

This is my Daddy & my NIECE,OMG I am so OLD.

& this is ME!! I GAINED WEIGHT, MASS or wateva it is...SO SAD

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Barbie said...

AW!!! MY!!!! Out of these photos uploaded here, I LIKE THE LAST PIC THE MOST!!! ^ ^ Don't you know that u look FAR different from the previous entry in school uniform???!!!! Wat an adorable lady!!! * Muah * Hey, I think you look okay sweetie, not chubby at all. Nice slender figure!

Btw, I just copied the last one to my PC ^_^ Have I told u once that I have my daily diary? I gonna write about you ^ ^

Countless *Hugssss...*