Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sore eyes

My eyes are beautiful,
My eyes are to express my feelings,
My eyes are important to me,
My eyes are....tired...

Lately, I've been using the computer very often...

My short-sighted vision has become more severe.

I hope I can stop wearing specs...
Every time I wear, I feel the hammers in my head..

I've got panda eyes too, they indicates that I've got not enough sleep..

I went for teaching as usual on Sunday morning,
gave my students revisions, some show improvements while some show bad signs,

I've got to work hard with them..

It's difficult completing my assignment in MUSIC TEACHING course,

I have to think in many perspectives,

and there are no correct or wrong answers.

No range,

no scheme,

Why everyone seems to get angry...

I don't know are they angry at me,
or are they in bad mood,
or are they NOT angry...

The way they response,

doesn't imply to me what they meant...

I worked out yesterday evening...

Bet I sure will have 6 packs if I keep on doing it..

BUT, I'm not going to do that, hahah!!!

Muscles pain,

heart 'pain',

brain 'pain',

all are attacking me.

BUT, I feel great!!

blessed and loved..


Borneo Falcon said...

Better take care of your eyes. Didn't realize you are short sighted and wear specs

Bridge Schmidt said...

Panda eyes! I have never heard of such comparison before. Eyebugs or black eyes? Well, I hope you don't get your eyes super tired next time. You've got to take care of them dear, eyes are one of the most important part of our senses.

Dragon said...

wow..... 6 packs? hahaha. i wished too.

Barbie said...

I wonder if I can still say sth here since I myself not taking a good care of my eyes =( Hey dear? those who wear glasses look intelligent, and mostly they really are :P You're one of them, Barbie know that ^ ^ but still Mei Mei must have a beauty sleep ok?

Miss you! A LOT!