Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First {s}

~5th November~
A date to remember..

Many interesting things happened today..Before I resume those things, I first would like to share where have I been to during the last weekend.

Agriculture festival, in short is called Agrofest. A seminar was held last weekend in conjunction with this year's State Farmers' Day in Kuching. It focuses on the livestock sector and its business potential. An overview on the development and potential of the state’s livestock sector is conducted during the festival.

I went there (State Stadium) on Saturday. It was quite a good experience as I got to learn something about my field of studies and my own country's agriculture products.

Some pics are shown here, in fact, a lot of pics =P

These are the fruits available in Malaysia. Local and traditional.

Different types of grains.

Can you guess what is this?

Traditional rubber tapping method.

Pity the puffer fish, I love puffer, once, I keep few river puffers, and they all got ill and died. They were under my care for less than a week :'(

The machine to process grains. First time I see this. =)

I went there because my mummy has to be on duty in conjunction with the festival, and so my daddy DRAGGED my bro and I to follow and have a rough idea on what is it about. In less than 2 hours, I felt dizzy, really dizzy, then I make noise so that daddy bring us home, lolx!!

Alright, let's talked about what's up with my day today.

Woke up, got ready and played piano while waiting for my friend to pick me up for breakfast. We promised 8.30am, so, by the time, I was outside in my garden, with my three tortoises. My friend actually came just before 10am, omg! They played basketball in campus and left me waiting alone, buhuhu..BUT, I want to thank them for doing that, neither did it train my patience, now only I know what are the plants my mum has in her garden. Haha!! I never stay out in the garden for more than 10 minutes to enjoy nature. Today......these are the lovely flowers....

Don't know what is this.

(white one) - guess this is Carnesian.
Orang one I don't know, someone please help me..

Sunflower planted by my bro..


Is it the same species with the above? One is white one is purple? I don't know..

Orchid, but what orchid?

This I know!!! ROSE!!! ahah

At last, breakfast is served, extra large ok? But still, I didn't lose to someone, wahaha..We visited few places before landing and started doing our revision. Actually, it was MY revision, 'coz, they were either playing games or watching movies.

Sleepy Sleepy Sleepy, few times I almost knocked out while sitting there with books ahead of me, alast, thanks to paracetamol, I napped for around 20min. In between that time, my friends actually bought and cooked snails in the kitchen. Ok, it was disgusting lah, dry daddy and singsing. Ewww..

Time to relax, but dry daddy's finger got twisted while getting too HIGH playing with dry grandson, pity2. However, I got to play 'fei ji qi', my first time playing and I beat a pro, wahahahaha, yayyyy!!!

The game we played, it looks something like this but not exactly.

Another irritating incidence is this..They ate durian in front of me, durian is a fruit that has a nickname of 'King of Fruits' in Malaysian community. It has a very strong smell that can kill your nose. I once love to eat it, but now, I have phobia against it. Whoahhh..

This, is DURIAN!!

My first time eating at Da Lai in King's Centre, the meal was Salad Chicken Rice. Funny funny as the place is so near me and yet I have never been there before.

Why is this post named First {s}? It's because I experienced unusual things in my life today=) Another night without study<- this is not unusual, haha. :'(


LZ said...

Huhu..you made me miss tropical fruits so much!! XD

5th is a memorable date for me too. It's not a happy memorable thing though, but just can get it over yet huhu..

Btw, did u snap those flower photos? Nice!! :D

Peach JJia said...

Was suppose to be studying but .....so i thought I'll drop by to see if there's anything juicy going on in ur life and surprise surprise 'not'....there is.

Miss eating durian soo much.....boohoo

The most funny thing is that u use the word 'dry'... really makes me wonder, than it hit me....... direct translation.

Happy studying......GAMBATEH again....haha

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

somehow the puffer fish part made me smile lolx.. reminds me of all my fishies in fish heaven 8b
cun cun background song was the first part.. some people laugh oiks.. XD