Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, tag 25 people off your friends list. You also have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I feel this is a very very long and personal post. Got tagged in Facebook too (by Rachel) but gonna do it here 'cause I dont know what else to post for my blog.

2. Erm, so tired now I cannot think of a thing. Currently on medication (weakly sick) :(

3. Ohkayyy, my name is Siu Mei. NIcks : meimei, hamsterin, xiao meimei, mei, sio bi, smallgirl...

4. Sometimes, I'm wondering if what they said is true, or are they just trying to make me quit Biotech and pull me into the music industry. I hope what they said is true, or I'll be badly hurt , sobs.

5. I'm always blur. So if you want to get something into my mind, please say, "it's important".

6. I don't remember things, even big and important notes.

7. I'm lack of exercise, that's why I'm always sick.

8. My target is minus 6.6lbs more.

9. Instruments I play are piano, viola and guitar? rusted dy, since long I practiced.

10. I am no good in any languages.

11. Owh, it only reaches no.11, and I've got no idea what to write.

12. OK, I make friends very easily, and I trust everyone, have no negative view on anyone unless if they have done something bad and obvious that I have to be careful.

13. When an elderly speaks to me, I only know how to nod my head, and do not know what to reply. Smile smile.

14. Ouch, my nose is so painful right now. I am tissue-queen (that's what my ddy says) because I use loadsssss of tissues when I catch a cold. Suffer suffer suffer, I've never got so severe fever before this. buhuhu

15. I have phobia with everything that moves. For human (because human move too), I will easily got shocked. I never concentrate on what I do. That's why.

16. I badly needs Bjorn's hug now :(

17. I watch too much of Taiwanese dramas till my parents got mad at me. "MEI!! don't sit in front of the monitor, bla bla"

18. Everyone knows my favourite colour is

19. Both my viola and piano teachers are forcing me to sit for exam this year. OMIGOSH!! help, I am not ready.

20. I am in an orchestra, it's called the SONS Orchestra. I love to be in it, but I seldom turn u for practices. teeheeeheee

21. No.21!! hoho!! I play music through the mobile when I cannot sleep, when I read, when I CAN sleep, everything lah, opppsyy, just noticed it's his favourite song playing now. I can't resist music. lalala

22. My younger bro started photography when he sees my elder bro too, have a Nikon. And I want one too, but I'm no good in it. They are the pros, envy envy.

23. I teach young kids music theory in my music school, and I feel like quiting it, because always bulied by them. They don't listen to me, you know.

24. Second last, urm urm...I tag : Joshy, Sing Sing, Jas, Ah Gong, Ah Ma, Jia jia, Mummy, Daddy(you dont do tag ho? I found ur personal blog!! allow me!!!!!), Ash, Bert2, Angela, Lizard?, Hui, Jer, ladida, Maylin, Melissa, Meiwah, Nimai, Siaw Wei, Kroy, Stefy, JeromeFo, Christine Dior & Malvin{thnx :)} FULLSTOP!!

25. I want to sleep now @.@ Happy doing this tag everyone :)

p/s : It's 1122 now, woah, it took me so long..


Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

91216221 42824174?

lai! run few laps first then only give you, wakakaka

what was that? tired? sick? =lazy?
nevermind give for free lah.. nah nah 428241 :)

toys story.. ah.. brings back lots'a childhood memories...

@ SmalL G!RL said...

ohkay!! knk buwie again...nvm..happily bulied..

LZ said...

Hahah I was tagged before.


MayLin :: Melinda said...

just realized...
I did this tag in Facebook dy...
Got tagged by a friend too...

fufu said...

yeah this tag 'thing' is kinda popular these days