Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's BeautifuL

Yesterday...Was not great, not even good..
So, no nothing about yesterday lah..

I woke up super early today..
The first to be ready, so play piano, the long long time I didn't touch songs, I dig out..
Wonder if I disturbed my neighbors, if yes, good, if no, better ;)

At last I go out out away from the house..
After long I've been staying and sleeping in the house, my room particularly, at last..wuhooo...
I felt better wad, so I went shopping with mummy straight after I finished the class..
Drove almost to the entire Kuching TOWN..
Walked in high heels till my toes ache, ouchhh! (never ever try to shop in heels again, bu hu hu)
Bought nothing lah, but spotted a... not gonna reveal it here :P
Then went to Green Gallery while waiting for bro's break dance class to finish..
It's like Heaven on Earth, the place is so Beautiful..
Wanted so many things from there, but I didn't spend a penny just now, good girl me..

Ou yaa!!
I realized I LOVE to color!!
And I even like, hope that my students do not want to color that, so I will have the chance, kekeke..opppsyy!!
So childish and funny haa?

I want the Korea made violin!! want it want's mine soon..nyehehehe..
ohkaayy, dot dot dot...
I'm damn bored here..

*Cough Cough*
Coughing more now than this la la la laaaa..

3 more weeks to end this holiday..
I don't know I want it to be longer or shorter..
Don't ask, don't ask..

Do you know, that every day's the first of the rest of your life?


LucasLost said...

what a day u had!! xD
well i am jobless now... slacking at home.. but hopefully tomoro i got camp to attend.. xD

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

walked in high heels thw whole day O.O? hmhm mom brought you shopping.. so nice... :) (wondering)

bored? bored? hahak

41437362 936382 81436132 8263 61437474 6132 228281 in the end 4361 814232 1 61437474436241 936382 7463... X.o

colour colour the song is ral nice teehee :]

@ SmalL G!RL said...

wahahh, yeapp! jobless? ur job is to take nice pics and post in ur blog, or facebook ;P jk

hope u can attend the camp u mentioned :)

not nice, made me drool seeing all nice things but don't buy for me..

lolx!! i tink u nidta practice ur code-writing lahhh, ish...u read it urself lah, hahakz!!

yay!! thnx

fufu said...

wow... you play piano? great... i cant play any music instrument ... how i wish i know at least one!! sigh...

@ SmalL G!RL said...

Fufu~ haha thanx! eiy, u noe photography so well, same same lah :l