Saturday, May 2, 2009

Melodious Life

26th April '09 (SUN)

Attended a Sarawak ROCK Party

A new experience. (to the ears hekhek)

But congratulations to Swing Habitz, Season & William whom I know. They were the spotlight of the day I can


Read this little story if you can :)

30th April '09 (THURS)

Recording of Sarawak's Anthem, Ibu Pertiwiku, with the Sarawak Symphonic Orchestra at RTM. A fun

experience, but just a usual session of practice with the team.

Being in an orchestra is like being in a football
team. ~Marcus Leong (2009)

2nd May '09 (SAT)

Electrifying TRIO

I haven't attend this, so I am not sure how is it like. But I've heard them practicing in school (IMH). It

was...hhmmm, how should I put this into words? was a.w.e.s.o.m.e!

11th May '09 (MON)

SONS next performance, a state dinner for the VIPs (again=.=) at DUN.

sorry, no photos available.

23rd May '09 (SAT)

ER '09

This is B.I.G.


fufu said...

my next target is sarawak decided after coming back from sabah =) wanna see the other part of malaysia there...the music, food, people, culture, nature... etc =p

@ SmalL G!RL said...

wuuuuu!!! yay!!! Sarawak will have important visitors soon..cant wait for ur pics to be uploaded :P

Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

I wana go for J.O.Y!!
lai bring me bring me, we go together.. :P

the music.. piano is so nice... mesmerised..

then.. O.O suddenly and peterpan come kacau >.< buhuhu

James Arnold Nogra said...

can you add me in your link exchange... I already added you in my link exchange... my blog address is this:

Bridge said...
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Bridge said...

Oh, rock party... Rock it girl! BTW, I saw your Facebook photos and you sure are looking great! So proud that you're growing really fast and really pretty too :)

Don't forget to drink your milk now... haha!