Saturday, April 25, 2009

I do not know what to write

I I I...feel new and a lil strange to blogging after a complete no-updates for two weeks. I did not update, and did not pay visits to friends' blogs too. I don't even know what to put as my title :(

How exactly to write a post? I have no idea what I should write on. Maybe I should just blabber abit about my life now.

The usual everyday routine for me is to wake up around 6-7am, eat my supplements, sometimes I head off to the gym, sometimes when I have early classes, I got myself ready then Swinburne here I come. Then, there I will be for the whole day, until the least is 7pm, or if I have night class, I only reach home around 9pm. That's also for Thursday only, I don't even have a lunch break for my meal, because when I am supposed to be having my lunch, I am to attend viola lessons. Do not pity me, hehe, I feel great being able to attend music lessons, lalala. During weekends, I have orchestra practices and some teachings AND piano lessons. WEeeeeeeee...!!!

For the past two weeks, we foundation students were all busy with our report-writing and speech-giving assignments. Today, we had just had our Engineering Maths small test. But, it was quite a 'scary' test. This coming week onwards, we will be busy with another group report and more exams.

Two weeks ago, there was a Blood Donation Campaign held in Swinburne, I was there, but but...I did not get the chance to donate my precious O blood, felt disappointed with myself. Then, from that day onwards, I do not know why, I feel like I am the one who need blood from other people.Not only that, I am to eat Alpha Lipid-Lifeline (milk-powdered drink). But it tastes nice lah, no complain, for my health at this price my mummy pays, I should appreciate. For more info about this product, please kindly click HERE BUT BUT, can I complain about something?? WHy mosquitoes always bite me?? And why pimples keep popping on my face?? grrrr...

Our friends who went for Matriculation sometime same time when I entered Swinburne, have come back. They are cool with their life now. Going to meet them one by one when I have time, so, there will be posts about our activities, more new posts lahh I promise Palia!! ish...teeheeeheee.. TOMORROW, we are going to a Rock Concert, hope it will be fun sans vous :)

Current feelings :

Sometimes triste sometimes heureux, but most of the time heureux 'coz I learned to appreciate every little things I own. At times when I'm triste, (ee, just remembered I played a song called Triste Cour by Richard Clayderman before, now I know what the term means), mostly there will be cure for me, c'est vous qui me rendent triste &
c'est vous qui me rendent heureux, c'est vous qui compte pour moi & touche-moi.

Errr...schläfrig too, panda eyes...

Sometimes I'm müde..

But, Ich liebe dich, bin immer noch gerne die meiste Zeit. Danke!

What's coming up :

Recording of Sarawak Anthem with Sarawak Symphonic Orchestra

Mum's birthday

Mothers' Day

p/s: Any idea what to do for our mums? ^^


Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

mei, should rest more lo.. too many activities liaw huhu..
panda eyes..
youre so sød ler =p

Tak for rører mit hjerte kære ..
elsker, bjorn

@ SmalL G!RL said...

guan ni, panda eyes..:P

p/s:i really tod u say me SOT 'sød' lol

fufu said...

i am O+ also =)
well... read more so you would write more =)

Barbie said...

Oh man, princess! You study till 9 pm in the evening? Awww.... Isn't that too late? Must take a good care of yourself okie?

Anyway, you can just tell us about your day, and we are happy to know what is going on with you, and how your day was. I read everything you wrote up here, and I feel like I can, at least, know some of my princess's routines! :) *muah*

Miss you so much!

zeltkueh said...

a lot has been going on. i guess this is the time when you just need a comforting hug. i haven been in the best of feelings lately either. just hope everything will eventually fall into place.

Its good you still find yourself going to gym. I need to start after i recover from this. see you there when i see you there.

@ SmalL G!RL said...

haha!!! then u ever try donating blood? we are the important species on earth, yeah!!

Princess Barbie~
Aloha! nice seeing u here, tho i m busy with activities, my life is colorful :) you take good care of yourself too :)

I can see when you came out of the exam hall, you look sot, trying to cover ur feelings...But, everything will be fine soon, just remember to smile to every person you pass by.. :P