Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Companion I Love

This is the car I drive to Uni every day..
~ Mini Austin ~

Are you all ready for a L.O.V.E. AFFAIR?
Ignore the 'P' sticker at the back, I just passed, y'know

Angela, my nails..hahah

The Song I lurv...
I'm Yours...Yes, I'm Yours..

Im Yours - Jason Mraz


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, u got a Mini ah? So nice ler... ^^

bridge around the corner said...

Does lil' Meimei has a driver's license yet? Hmmm, I wonder what's the age limit there. You seem so young to have one. Anyway, the important thing is, you know how to drive, and that's all that counts.

Borneo Falcon said...

Cool car you got there. You can drive a car to study where I using scooter and bicycle to work

eunice said...

Guess what? I got license 2 years ago too, but till now I too lazy to drive and scare to drive liao.. now SG got more n more n more cars, me scare of the cars weaving in n out. Then previous years got many insurance claims (not by me) :P .. so better have a clean record for insurance first then practice again!!

Oh yeah, Malaysia P sign is just a sticker right? In SG we need to buy 2 triangle plates made of plastic, think like that is more expensive than stickers.. ~$$~ zzzz

Drive safely :)

Barbie said...

Wah, my princess driving the red car? but why not pink? Keh Keh... Barbie just play around! Mini reddy car is cute too!

@ SmalL G!RL said...


~ Bridge
the age limit is 17 yrs old, teheeehee..yeah, luckily i can drive
next time wen my parents dn wanna send me to here n there, i just drive by myself=P jk!!

~ Borneo Falcon
Scooter oso car=)
cuter too

~ Eunice
OMG, u din drive after u gt ur license? at firs ti oso dn dare to drive after i passed the test, bt, i just brave u myself, gt scolded by my dad, den nw i can drive quite steadily..u shud try, or else ur license will b just a card in ur purse=)

~ Barbie
Pink?? NO!!! haha...purple is better

Chobits said...

Mei Mei, mini austin suit you! Same same mini size, hehe~ XD Wow, and your finger nail paint is cool~ ^^ Painted yourself? Can teach me? Hehe~

p/s: just pass your driving test so you need to be extra careful when drive k. good girl. *touch hair*

Princess Cinderella said...

wow nice really suit your car girl...I wish I can drive also like you....muah....

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Can fetch me around ? xD