Saturday, August 16, 2008

Journey Into A Musical World

Hello everyone!!!

How have you all been doing?

This is the post I promised to you long time ago.

I'm sorry, it's been a long time I'm idle, I am here to seek for apologize from you=)

Okie, let's start talking about what I've been doing since I started being away from my blog.

At first, there were these orchestra performances on the 22nd July (I know it's been long time since I updated), on the 26th July, 3rd August, 12th August, & the upcoming one is on the 30th August. Most of these performances are on regards to the National Day of Malaysia, another one is for the Ministry of Education & one for the Women's Day. I actually met Malaysia's Prime Minister, Chief Ministers of all states & all those important people, in a very short distance, cool!!! But, I didn't take any pictures of them, & I didn't even feel anything when I'm near them. If only they were Jay Chou or Avril Lavigne, I'll go crazy!!!!

So, these are the pictures we took for the performances.

All from International Music House. Proud to be one =) I've been in this music school for almost 10 years. Wow!!! It makes me sounds old. =(

The violists.

Our violas.

The IMH gang.

My 'dear' Eunice

I seldom make up, teeheeeheee..But, during my performances, I put on some eye-shadows. You can't see it, no you CAN'T...

You'll sure wonder, what is my role in an orchestra. You know that I play the viola, so, I'm one out of four or five of the violists in the orchestra. Orchestra is a term which signifies a musical ensemble used most often in Classical music. A symphony orchestra will usually have over 80 musicians, each playing different kinds of music instruments, the strings, woodwinds, percussion & brasses. In our symphony orchestra, we have about 10 1st violinists, 10 second violinists, 4-5 violists & 5-6 cellists. The others, like woodwinds & brasses, I'm not quite sure, because I can't even differentiate which instrument is which, lolx!!! I CAN'T!!!! My dream is to take up another blowing instrument, either piccolo (smaller version of flute or clarinet). But, I have to pick up with my school work first, heheheh.

During these performances, I've learned a lot.

Being confident is the most important value I learned. It does make difference in your playing.
I made friends with other orchestra members.
I learned to be independent.
I learned more about music, it's not just sound, it's the story behind a piece of music.
I learned how to balance up my life.
I become more mature, in what way? (you notice in my writing or not?)

Ahhhhh!!!! As you all know, I've started my University life end of last July. My schedule is tight! In between classes, when I'm free, I have to go for my music lessons, for the lecture in Music teaching, for the Piano playing, & for the Viola playing. & most of all, when there are performnaces coming up, I have to go for practices every night. I kind of love my life now, maybe it's because I relaxed enough during the past few months, but....

Oh ya!!! Did I mention, during these few weeks, I've discovered many new places for FOOD!!! yummo!!!! Ya ya, I seldom eat out, so I don't know what is it like being in the outside world. Now, I know=) But, unhealthy=(

From KLUANG STATION : Nasi Ayam Merah. (Chicken Rice in red?? lol!!! actually it's Malay way of cooking)

From MITSU : A place for Steamboat eating, but we didn't eat steamboat
Instead, we ate Lady white mee, something like this.

&....Fried Xiao Long Bao.
This is INDIAN ROJAK. First time I eat this, it's very filling & unhealthy, can't eat this too often.

You know what is this!

P/s : There's someone in my class, who is very irritating. He is black. & he suckz!!! I hate him loads. Eeewww....Ewwww.....No offence guyz, I'm not saying black is bad, I'm saying HIM!!! He is bad.

I don't know when I will be upating my blog again. So, drop by when you are free, or when you miss me=)


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, nice performance I can see that!!!

-waiseng- said...

wow, already 10 years? you must be really really good! WOW!

♥ bRidgE ♥ said...

Hi there Meimei, I'm back. Your new post rocks! Awww! I didn't know that you can also play violin. I thought you only play the piano. Cool!

I also noticed that my lil' sister looks matured with her violin costume, but still cute =) Spare me half of your food =)

eunice said...

wow wow food! donuts!! n Eunice!!! kekekeke that's Eunice another friend XD

hope u get flying colours for ur exams!

Barbie said...

Yes, Mei Mei look mature in that black costume =) mature yet still adorable! <3

Barbie up early today, and seeing the 2 donuts make my stomach rumbling =( Erm... black and white lol...

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice photos and nice food. Good to have you back

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

You know how to play violin one/?

Ner said...

Beautiful violas ^^

I love the part where you shared your what you learn.. esp this: "it's not just sound, it's the story behind a piece of music." It's quite poetic and beautiful to the ears. :)

Hope you get over that annoying stude. Have a great week ahead. ;)