Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm Waiting

Ok, you're all going to hear me moan in this post

Today, went to IMH,
teaching teaching teaching...
I hate Sat's classes
They are all "bullying" me,

Ms Jo has got some kind of red spots on her palms and feet,
she's vomited too..
But we don't know what disease she's infected..
Hope she can get well soon..

Went for GM quiz today..
The questions are quite confusing..
I hate Business Maths Apps,
really hate it...

Can't really concentrate too..

Oh no!!! I feel really bad
Coz I can't wait
to see you again..

Am I _ _ _ _ _ _??


Went to play Badminton
after half year of break in sports,
at last I'm back in actions...

Pain pain pain...

I mean muscles pains, hahaha!!

planned to go Permai Beach,
but at last,
can't make it..

Tomorrow's our Merdeka day!!
So, holidays for me on Monday too=)
Bu Hu Hu!! & Yay Yay Yay!!!


Barbie said...

Waiting for who, Princess? :P Keh keh... ^ ^ Oh, u got Bussiness Maths Appls while Barbie had GAM, General Maths Applies in foundation year ^ ^ Lol... I loathe it like hell ^ ^ My Prof. lecture us in a very confusing way! Wonder how come he got accepted =( *blur* Lol.. I am speaking ill of my Prof. Heh heh... I bid goodbye to him ady, cuz now I am becoming the sophormore ^ ^ Wooo hooo!

Oh man! Barbie also can't stand going to lecture on Sat! It is sux =( Thks God! i only had the Sat class in the first semester ^ ^ *phew* I don't know what it's like in ur college, but u know each and every time I got lecture to attend on Sat, I just felt like the whole campus was unsually quiet and not many people wandering around the hall lol... Oh well, not gonna talk about school no more heh heh... ^ ^

So you gonna have a day off on Monday ^ ^ Cool eh? and yeah, Malaysia's Independence Day falls on the same day as the U.S's Labor Day! ^ ^ Everyone must be having so much fun ^ ^

Wishing my princess a happy holiday! Always miss and love my sweet Mei Mei! *muack*

Bridge Schmidt said...

Meimei, its good that you're into sports now. I remember the first time I played golf in the fairway, all my muscles are in pain and I cant get up the next day. The pain lasted for one week. Same thing happened when I first went to the gym for some heavy weight lifting.

Geez, gotta blame my hubby for this... haha! He's more into sports than me!

Anyway, Barbie ~ Meimei is confused whether she's IN-LOVE or not. I guess so! You're in the right age but not yet in the right time to fall in love. Remember to focus on your studies first or your big sister will scold you, hehe!

LZ said...

U will find the subjects easier and more fun if u like them at the first place! ;) Jiayou jiayou, meimei u can do it!!

And..haha, dint play sports for long time ady ya? I went swimming last week, and whole body muscle ache too!! fa1 mei2 ady lor..

Borneo Falcon said...

Like to see you in badminton action. Ha.... He....

Ailecgee said...

Happy holiday to you there! You'll have time for some sports now. Enjoy your holiday, sweet girl!