Thursday, February 21, 2008

1st attempt

Okie, now, my first time blogging, I don't quite know about blogging actually. Anyway....
On the 12th of Jan, I worked for a week in 'Fashion Girl-Spring', with my mate, MING LEE. From there, I learnt to be polite and how is the life of salesgirls in any shops. Everyday we have to wake up at around 8am, bath, take breakfast, den go to work. In the shop, all of us salesgirls have to start tidying and dusting the clothes, arranging, cleaning, and all sorts of work we do. If there are customers, we should approach them and entertain them. We were not allowed to sit even when there was no customer in the shop, the worse part is when you meet some customers which are rude. We work from 10am-10pm, if there is any midnight sales, then we nid to extend our working time until 12am. Imagine that, standing 12-14 hrs a day. When we arrived home, we straight rest, and repeat the same routine everyday.
Since we are given commisions based on the value of clothes we sell, the other salegirls (meaning my 'colleagues') will try their best to compete with you and buly you as JUNIOR. Anyway, that was what i experienced when working in that shop. As time goes by, my 'colleagues' treated me better and we became friends, which will HELP each other. It was a great experience that I met so many people outside, and be more socialised, I learnt to be more independent too.
My music teacher, MRS LAW knew that I was working there, she offered a more relaxing job to me. Which is being an assisstant teacher to her teaching JMC students some theory in IMH. I just need to work during the weekends for few hours and the pay is far more higher than when I was working in Fashion Girl. From here, we should know that knowledge is important to everyone of us, it can determine our future. So, appreciate your 'qing chun' and do whatever you want and gain as much knowledge as you can.


WinNIe said...

when my daughter become so li hai ho?

@ SmalL G!RL said...

hw lihai ler? mama? lihai write? or lihai coz gt go to work?