Thursday, February 21, 2008

ICLP-The Global Loyalty Agency

This is the PIGGY that I've created few minutes ago, without thinking much, but it really shows out what am I actually. Try It Out.

Your choice of background shows that you are sensitive, romantic and honest but can sometimes have a pessimistic outlook.

The direction your pig is facing indicates you being direct and straightforward, you will not avoid confrontation when hard decisions are needed. You will play devil's advocate to ensure that all possible avenues have been explored.

The amount of detail in your pig means you are driven by emotion and find detail boring. You follow your gut feeling and can be a risk taker.

Because your pig has four legs, some may say you are stuck in your ways but actually this reflects your strong beliefs and your stubbornness in defending them.

The larger the pig's ears, the better listener you are.

The longer your pig's tail, the better your sex life – need we say more!

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