Thursday, February 28, 2008

WoRr!3d...? SaD...? UndeciSiv3...? NerVous...? NO FEELING!!!!

Wok3 up around 7.30 in the morning to find daddy at home?? huh? Is there anything wrong? Why is daddy at home and not working today? Nope! I've forgotten that he's going to bring me to the EDUCATION FAIR at Civic Center. Bathed and dressed, ready to go. But before that we went for breakfast and banks to deal with some bills and enquiries.

At exactly 10.30am, we arrived Civic Center. There were 3 big school buses bringing students to visit the fair. I was thinking : "why our school never bring us to this kind of exhibition? hhmmmm". The 1st booth we approached was, TAR college. The lady-in-charge explained to us about hospitality programme. =) I'm interested. But, in my opinion, Taylor's College's hospitality programmes are always few steps above TAR's. ( The fees are also few steps higher tho ). Some of the people working at the booths explaining each courses to us, said that I should be thankful because my dad applied leave just to bring me visit this exhibition. Yes, I'm really thankful to have a nice dad and happy family. I love y'all!

My favourite course will be MUSIC courses. We visited ICOM {International College Of Music}. The girl described to us about the programme, and wow...expensive man!!! But the quality is there I guess. I even need to own a RM12 000+ laptop to do my course works. Dreaming about it makes my 'fly'.

HHmmmmm.....can any of you guys out there teach me how to make decisions to determine our paths? HELP!!!!

Afternoon-learn driving. Good comments from Mr Anthony. Anyway, I cannot really remember the steps he taught me. man man lai wad!! hehe

Night- Suddenly a friend of mine sms-ed me, asking whether SPM results out TOMORROW??? OMG!!!! My nerves, where are they? Then I tried to cool myself down by thinking about the reasons why it will not be out tomorrow.

  • Reason 1 : No newsletter about it.
  • Reason 2 : STPM results not yet out.
  • Reason 3 : no more reasons....oh no!!! so...
I don't want to think about it anymore, watch TV yea?

Conclusion: I'm not yet ready to receive my results. God Bless.

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