Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bak!nG?? My Proffes!on? NOPE!!

OOOOpppppppsssssyyyyyy.............I disturbed 2 beautiful young ladies from their sweet dream. p/s: Sorry girls. The reason why I disturbed them is that I planned to go buy the ingredients for baking together.

We went to KKK at India Street to search for the ingredients. Quite confused and clumsy. Anyway, we are lake of experience.=)

Then, we went for lunch. Fishball, Meatball and 'tang hun' soup. Urm, no comment.

Afternoon is the busiest time. Baked the cake, sponge cake actually. That took us about 40 minutes. =X Next, the topping. When doing the topping is quite funny and unsuccessful? Maybe can be said as unsuccessful lah. The gelatin curdled and cannot dissolve in the yogurt mixture. Sad sad. The only resolution is to sieve the solid and pour in new gelatin. One wrong step we did is, FORGOTTEN to put in the water!!! lolx


Doesn't look like a cake? haiz...nevermind. Let's wait for it to set, then we can taste it!=)

Tonight is a stupid night, I keep on avoiding someone, not one, some people. I HATE u GUYZ!!!! Don't actually know what am I doing. But thnx to some other people who cheered me up. Thank You.

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