Saturday, March 8, 2008


2day became Ms Josephine's assistant. New JMC classes again. Wo, Abner is a 'cool' kid. He shouted and cried, didn't want to come in and join the class. His dad so kesian, waited outside with Mrs Law trying to figure out how to deal with this lil kid. He even teared the 'Mrs Treble Clef' paper. Really wild. Others are Jackson Phang, Audrey and Denilya. Denilya is a very cute lil gurl. We sang and taught Mrs Treble Clef only. The next class comprised of Vanessa, Wei Xiang and Ireneaus, what a difficult name to spell. So happy that this time I can remember all of their names. yay!! haha

Went for lunch after that. Then, I teman mum go cut hair at 'ART CUT'. That barber really, non-stop talk talk talk!! And have that genes de, the 'P' species. p/s: those who are close with me should know what 'P' species means. haha!! Oh no, I ate an ice-cream today and yet didn't go for exercise. Ah Mei, quick invite me go play badminton liao. I'm waiting.....So bored, don't know what else to write. tata

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