Thursday, March 27, 2008

!nd3cis!ve?? Yup, That'S m3!!

KC, Francis, SL, Albert, Jes, Ver & me. We were in a gang yesterday(26/3/08). Before that.....

In the morning, I mean VERY EARLY in the morning, I went to school with my brother, for? Mdm Lee, at last found her, but I didn't get what I want. She asked me to come again today. So, I went home. Online, searching for details again. For further studies, when am I going to stop searching? And just go for what I want? Why am I so indecisive?? Anyway, later, I went for driving lessons. Ate little bit of 'something' for lunch, then went out with my friends.

That was the first time I go out with this gang, usually, it is not them. We watched Water Horse and Horton. Went for drinks before movie starts, it was freezing cold, plus the cold drinks we're holding. :'( First movie starts around 4.45pm, ends at 6.30pm, second movie starts at 6.45pm- 8.30++pm. I was so SICK when watching Horton, can't really concentrate. I did not know what I felt, and everything is just so weird. May be it was because I didn't eat proper lunch and dinner. Wahh!!! after movie, we walked to Hong Kong Noodle House. Alla Carte, first time with friends. haha!! Anyway, they teased me. But, I don't care haha. Oh ya, if anyone going there for meals, must order the WHITE FUNGUS WITH PEACH, special.

During the outing, we mostly talked about studies and our futures. As usual, I answered the same thing, "NOT SURE YET". When am I going to be sure ha??

er...that's all, gonna do something else

S!u M3!

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