Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Th3 S3vEntH D@y

I've not been updating my blog since the release of SPM result. I was busy doing research and applying here and there. It makes me really headache. I do not know about the others, do you guys also face the same problem as me? Go through many steps as I do too? The weird thing about our school is that the people working in Pejabat Am is kind of proud and not helpful. I walked round the school just to ask for the principal or PK 1 to help me endorse my certificates. I went there so many times, but didn't even see the principal, at last, Pn Anne helped me. Thank you. May be the school should do something about it. I went there again today, twice!! Looking for Mdm Lee. Couldn't find. :'(

Before the release of our result, my mum said that she will bring me along to Sibu if my result is promising. Yay!! She is quite happy about it, so, I went to Sibu with both my parents, leaving my younger brother alone at home. Haha. Tough times, bro!! =P There was nothing in Sibu, but I did buy some clothes there, shopping!! My favourite past time hobby, can't help.

So, now, everyone who has not watched THE SEVENTH DAY, a must-watch-drama. Just simply go to http://youtube.com/user/teresa100692 . It was sooo..... nice!!!! Romantic, touching, loving and beautiful!!! Handsome, pretty, charming, professional and....just everything.

The meaning of the title “The Seventh Day” - Kevin and Bosco’s characters are both born on the Seventh day of August. It’s a story about how two people born on the same day lead very different lives.

Kevin and Niki once again play a pair of tragical lovers in the series. Niki’s character is independent and optimistic while Kevin’s character has a strong principle in love. Ken Wong and Selena Li will be the third parties in this relationship; thus, making this a love square. Niki will be playing a petshop saleperson as she loves animals while Kevin is careless, uninhibited lifeguard without a steady occupation. He also has a daughter in the series. Niki's character inherited a terminal disease. At a later part in the series, Kevin goes to Japan to console his ex-girlfriend, Selena who is an AIDS patient, from commiting suicide.

Bosco and Natalie's characters share a more light hearted love story. Bosco's character will be playing a CEO and he will be doing different businesses such as coffee shop, internet, etc. while Natalie, although she does likes to write and draw mangas, only is a fishmonger.

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