Thursday, March 6, 2008

colD Blood3d Anthony and my Res3arcH

Just came back from driving lesson. Anthony, really cold blooded. We saw a monitor lizard crossing the road. He hold my steering and turn to the animal. But I turn the opposite way. After we passed the animal, he asked : 'Why you don't want to kill that animal?' Then I answered : 'Why I want to kill it ler?' He said : 'After we kill that animal, can ask seafood restaurant people to cook it, very nice, good for the skin too!' Woooo.....Anthony really scary....Want to kill animal. Want kill, kill it yourself when I'm not in the driver sit=) haha!!

Searching for information about Hospitality and Tourism courses. Trying to understand what kind of things I should deal with if I take this course. People who are interested in this field, read this :

  • Are you interested in getting paid to help people have fun? Do warm sunny beaches, majestic mountain views, or visiting far away places on a cruise ship catch your interest? How about being around delicious food in exotic restaurant locations, leading a small group on an island discovery tour, or helping set up an interactive dolphin show at a world class aquarium?

  • Workers in the Hospitality and Tourism cluster deal with people who are looking for a relaxing vacation or mini vacation- even if it’s only going out to dinner at a nice restaurant! This fun-filled cluster deals with all aspects of the hospitality and tourism industry including such areas as restaurants, resorts, theme parks, museums, fancy hotels, and much more.

  • People in the Hospitality and Tourism cluster share interests, talents and the motivation to learn new skills and knowledge in many of the following areas. They learn about and deal with such areas as the management, marketing, and operations of restaurants and other food services; lodging, attractions, recreation events, and travel related services.

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