Friday, October 24, 2008

Please walk into her heart silently~~

Her Structures

When a person approaches you in the street, there are multiple cues that help you to identify that person, such as the face, hairstyle, clothes or walking pattern. If you see a girl, with shoulder length hair, chubby face with normal two eyes, one nose, one mouth features, always dress in a pair of jeans and T-shirts, that is Siu Mei. Remember, it is Siu Mei, not Siew Mei or Su Mei or what other words. Has a height of 163cm, weighs 53kg, is this normal? However, she cannot stand seeing the needle pointing more and more to the right when she stands on the weighing scale. She wears a pair of spectacles too, but she hates wearing them.

Her Details

She is a typical girl born on the 25th of June 1990 into a family of five, consisting dad, mum, big brother, 24 and younger brother, 16. She is given nicknames whenever she meets new friends. Since young, her calling from family is Mei. Other nicknames are such as 'xiao mei mei', which means small girl, and 'sio bee', yes, it is the 'dim sum' everyone loves to eat. Mary? Jamie? All are given by her friends because they think Siu Mei is not an easy name to call. After moving from Bintulu to Kuching, her whole family live under the same roof in Taman Hwata to date.

Her Strengths

Her friends say she is creative and easy-going, helpful and friendly. She is also musically able. Based on her research on this topic, she got few answers from her friends about her good qualities. She is nice, she is humble, she is funny. ‘They’ also say that she is nice to be bullied.

Her Weaknesses

Unable to face the eyes focusing on her when she stands in front of the crowd presenting her speech or even when she performs piano. She will get very nervous and go all blank and then ruin everything. Some people says she is very naive and always have an innocent look when she is blur. She is lazy to do her work especially house chores. Her bad habit is that she complains a lot. Finally, she doesn’t know how to use words in her conversations, which sometimes make her sounds stupid.

Facts about her

Her favorite quote is “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – by Victor Hugo. Favorite colour, purple. She loves to make herself as busy as she can, and scares to be left alone. She owns a blog where everyone can read about her life and what she is on currently. It is also a site where she expresses her feelings. She has many other accounts such as Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, but none of those are as active since she started her Uni life in Swinburne. She hates to be controlled.

Her life now

People say music is their passion, music is their lives. To her, it is music that helps her to express her feelings, and the quote by Victor Hugo is the best reason to her love in music. She started dancing her little fingers on the keyboard of piano since the age of 6, and now, she’s currently pursuing Classical piano playing in Diploma level, at a music school called International Music House, IMH. In the same school, she takes up viola lessons with a Russian teacher who is very kind and always give advice and encourages her to pursue her interest in music playing while doing her studies. Guitar is her third instrument, but, to tell the truth, she is very impatient in learning guitar, that is why she’s going no where with it. She’s doing another course which is Diploma in Music teaching under Thames Valley University and IMH. Her course in Swinburne is Foundation in Engineering and Science, and will be pursuing her degree in Biotechnology. She loves to perform in an orchestra, that is why she joins the Sarawak Symphonic Orchestra, and goes for practices every week. Imagine how busy is her life, that’s what she likes.

Her Secrets

She is quite a shy person to strangers, but when she gets to know someone for a longer time, she can be too close to him or her. She will run out of the loo if there’s a cockroach she spot at the corner, even if she’s naked. That happens when no one is around the house, or else she will just scream until the whole neighborhood gets to hear it.

Her greatest phobia of all is to imagine too much about something. For example, when she walks alone in a dark, empty, huge place, she will start to imagine things, like those in the movies. Maybe it is because she watched too much of those horror movies. You can say she is timid, because she is afraid of anything that moves. Is this weird?

This is H E R

She is the type who sees others more important than herself. She shares and she keeps. She complains a lot to those who are willing to listen. She hopes someone can understand better about what she wants without her saying anything about it. She wishes her studies to get better without other factors affecting her. She hopes to produce better music. She really really hopes that those ‘people’ can stop doing hurting actions towards her and leave impacts in her life. She hopes for more mature mind in handling situations in life. She wants to help others without.......Finally, she wishes to read humans’ minds and help all of them in needs=)

To you,

Hold on, and be strong
God bless the child that can hold his own


Mr. Z Kueh said...

where got ppl tell everyone their secrets de. if tell den not secret liao lo..... haha... good luck lah xiao mei~

Barbie said...

Nice post, princess ^ ^ I am getting to know you better by reading all this, and you know? I managed to read frm ur very first word to last, and I couldn't help not to giggle to myself when I was on the part about cockroaches, or anything that moves... :-S I am just like you, honestly. Cockroach is just one of the type I am hell scared of, let alone, grass shoppers, lizards, spiders, and any other scary-look insects, or the entire category of animal :| hah ha... silly, isn't it?

BTW, dear? I miss u too. You become inactive in blogging, unlike before, and the reason is you're getting more and more occupied schooling.... Me either, but I don't spend my time wisely, and again, always happen to do thing at the last minute :| How much I wish I could get thing done ahead of time :( or at least not at the nite before the dateline :|

Take care, Barbie always love Mei Mei <3

ming said...

youhoo~ aloha~~
siu mei?? did i say ur name CORRECTLY?? haha.. of coz..

guess who m i? hehe^^
erm... i walk into your heart LOUDLY, instead of silently..
ha! i juz simply say nia la, duno whether gt reach ur heart or not lerr.. mayb i juz manage to reach your-- erm.. let me c.. oh, yes! i noe.. i've managed 2 reach ur stomach nia la.. ahaha^^

juz dropping around nia la..
happy always..
find me if u r free, although i noe u r owez bz.. hehe :O

:P - M L - :P

Bridge Schmidt said...

Meimei my dear, I thought I'd miss this post again. I already missed a lot of your older posts and I just couldn't keep up, especially now that my life's getting busy and more complicated.

I am so glad to see you, at least on your latest photo. Even without words, I can already read your face and know the contents of your heart. You're a kind loving person, your sweet smile and naive glance tell me so :)

Keep being good to your family, to your friends, and to other people. My prayers are always with you and your success dear. I miss you!

Same goes with Barbie, I couldn't see her page, it always displays error.

Jing Siang said...

Hahaha. nickname section there how come no Jojo Jong one. Hahaha.