Friday, October 10, 2008


I wrote this for English Article Writing, please read and comment=)

The fact: Guys want to know what girls want, while girls want to know what guys want.

Let’s imagine this: You’re a girl at a party and are talking to a guy who is very good looking and, even though you don’t really know him yet, you’re interested in him. You flirt, but he acts uninterested. You ask him out for a drink, but he flat out rejects you. That’s not the end yet, you find out where he works or lives, and turn up there the next day with flowers. He asks you to leave him alone. Again, you ignore him. You start sending him expensive gifts, which he returns. You turn up at a social situation and declare that you love him, and that you are perfect for each other and he should stop denying his feelings, you’re not going to give up until he admits he loves you.

Now, imagine the same situation, but, you’re a guy at a party and are talking to a girl who is very beautiful, continues on……

Which situation is more logic in your sense?

Why it is that ‘he’ must be the one to pursue ‘her’; ‘he’ must ask ‘her’ out; ‘he’ must be the one to call ‘her’?

Guy pursues girl, girl accepts, and finally they live happily ever after. Very cute, and how romantic of the guy to have such determined heart to get the girl. Now, imagine if it happened to you. You’re the girl, you’d probably got irritated by this weirdo disturbing and keeps on stalking you. At most, you’ll be terrified, scared to answer his call, or avoid him when he walks near you. Stalking is a punishable crime. So why is it seen as OK, as good, even when guys use these methods to stalk girls? And the girls find this attractive?

The answer to this question is girls love stalkers.

What are other requirements from a girl? A girl wants a guy. A wealthy guy, a successful guy, a famous guy, an interesting guy, a macho, a talented guy, a loving guy, a guy she loves, a father for her children, a friend, a sex-machine and a guy that is above her head in everything she does. These details may differ, but the main point stays the same. SHE WANTS A GUY. Some girls want just money or a career, but if she denies her compliance to meet a real guy, she lies. Moreover, girl’s demands to what she calls a good guy vary as she gets older.

A girl of 20 wants a prince on white horse. He must be handsome, famous, humor and even smart. A 30 year-old girl wants just a guy. He needs to have good manners, a well-paid job and a good car and is able to remember her family members’ birth date. A girl in her 40s wants a guy who at least has some athletic mind to do house chores for her. A girl of 50 wants just that guy, who remembers her name, shaves during the weekends and behaves himself in the public. A girl in her 60s wants her man to not to disturb her too often. What does a girl of 70 wants? Well, some ‘girls’ do live that long, what about ‘him’? Are you sure he’s still breathing? If yes, he is the real treasure for the tired ‘her’.

So, we are clear with what girls want from guys. Now, let’s see what guys want from girls. First of all, a guy likes to love and likes being loved in return. They try to seek for their Miss Right no matter how many girls they ‘try’. Attractive girls are their targets, but, do not be so shallow girls. Guys do not want a girl who weighs 80lbs, they do want a girl who takes pride in their appearance.

Girls, guys are looking for a trustworthy girl, someone who they can have faith in and someone who will be there for them. They can never forgive a girl being unfaithful. Be feminine, be gentle, and be kind. Because deep down in guys’ hearts, these qualities make a girl attractive.

Guys also like girls who have high sense of humor. She must be able to fit in with his friends, be sociable and fun to be with. Such girls are extremely attractive to guys. When he wants to relax, she must be able to do so with him.

She must also be supportive. Many girls often criticize guys on their behavior, career and try to mould them into something they wish the guys would be. This is a crucial mistake. The best relationship works both ways in terms of support. Where a girl is not able to give that support and is always criticizing, she may lose her man.

Another must-know-fact about guys is that they do not like angry girls who shout. They want girls who can debate and are able to discuss. Communication is king. They love challenging girls too. Once guys feel secure in a relationship, they feel lazy, and the relationship may get duller from days to days. If you want to keep your man interested, keep him challenged.

Finally, guys do not want to be alone.

Guys and girls, enjoy these tips, hope you find it interesting.


Barbie said...

Interesting post dear ^ ^ THe first situation sounds kinda er... heh he... I don't think the gal would be such an annoying stalker, :P This should be switched Heh heh... ^ ^

ShaLyN said...

hey! how r u? interesting post... i think it's kinda like the stereotype.

Chobits said...

Mei Mei, how old are you? You seems to have much experience in this. Haha..more mature thinking than us. Thanks for your tips, i think is quite useful. Can "kao zai" already yeah~ Haha~ XD
Nice article, keep it up!

axiz of alteration said...

hmmmm.... nice perspective/point of view. i do not totaly agree, but i've gotta admit the stereotype has gone beyond control. yet, i believe that in few cases thr's more than meets the eye and requires necessary complications in order to make the relationship interesting, but then again, its a matter of perspective..

a gud piece... keep it up :)