Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ti Amo


It's Hari Raya on the 1st October..

Spent the noon with fishy and rabbit, and we had lunch at Sugarbun, eeewwww!!

Went to Permai beach after that=)

That was my first time playing in the rain, and it's on the beach, I was wild enough..

It has been years since I visited a beach, I miss Bintulu...

I had fun, I felt awesome, I want to do that again=)

Enjoy the photos below

Black and white again?

Red enough? My beloved 'dry' parents ok? :P

Owhhh... Blueiy, haah

That's what I've been doing for the two-days holiday..

Eat, play, eat, play, sleep....

Have you ever eaten such a red and nice watermelon?

It's made of agar-agar, damn sweet, never ever try it anymore...

~3rd Oct~
Friday was a fine day, Friday was a bad day..

Again, I did something 'bad'...

Anyway, I spent my day with few friends after morning class..

My lunch, I put up this pic because I feel it's nice, the pic is nice, the food is NOT, haha, makes you hungry? That's what I intended to do=P

I learned to row the boat, row row row your boat...@_@
It's called sampan..
It needs skills and according to my 'sifu', I was so so a PASS student.

Went over stream to visit this place..
We climbed the untraceable tracks..Got bitten by mosquitoes..
Took these photos..
Paid RM40..
Learned how to row a 'sampan'..

See, lei yeng ge siong gam lousy geh, ngo bong lei yeng jor gam leng geh bakground, ngo geh bakground mm zhi hai meh lei ga...lauya ah lei!! gong xiu zha!!

ngo you gam geh bakground mah=P

有些故事,不必說給每個人聽, 有些情緒,是該說給懂的人聽


Akira 思胜 said...

Walau, the watermelon looks so nice!!!

Borneo Falcon said...

Do they allow public to enter Permai? Last time I been chased away by the security (that was before the hotel was completed)

Barbie said...

Wah... Look like Mei Mei had so much fun there ^ ^ and the lovely couple in red shirts ^ ^ heh heh... stay sweet all the time :)

The watermelon in Malaysia is sort of diffrn from the ones in my country. hard to explain lol, but dear look so nice! Wanna have a bite ^ ^ Barbie love water melon a lot <3 Yum!

Why my dear look a little tan in the pic with you wearing jeans? is it becuz of spending ur time playing at that park? beach? ..? but still look cute ^ ^ *muack*

BTW, Barbie just painted my entire fairy topia kingdom in PINK? Do u think it's cuter than the previous one in black?

Miss Mei mei so much, long time never see u drop by :( Take care Princess!

YinYin said...

woo hoo!! Looks so fun!!

Mei-Wah said...

wow! the watermelon must be so hard to make! :)

Bridge Schmidt said...

HI Meimei dear. How are you? I miss you! BTW, I love your pants. They fit you nice. Also, why aren't you wearing swimsuit guys? You're at the pool, supposed to be on your two-piece.

What's the name of the food you posted? Anything that has rice makes me wanna drool.