Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank God

Many things had happened within this week...

Read Dry Daddy and Mummy's latest post-> What had happened to Cla..

Ok, I felt terrible, not worried or scared type of terrible, but feeling, I felt like vomiting and fainting when I was in the lift. I understand now why am I feeling sicker than my other friends. Shh, secret here. hehehe, it's not like what Dry daddy said in his post, lolx!!

I just had a Quiz for IT subject. It's my habit to not to remember my password for an account, problem came to me!!! Woahh, I was damn nervous. We had to send in our work within the given time, via E-MAIL, taddaaaa...I guess you all know what happened to me...sobssssss~~

Hhmmm...if I were to join the upcoming performance, can I cope with it? Finals' are just at the tip of my nose. Heeelllllpppp........~~

1 comment:

Xiao Xia Mi said...

one thing u left... u 4gt 2 mention tat u r caring and owez help others in need... most of all... u r the cutest of all... keep up the good work...