Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A BranD New StarT

I've signed up for a Diploma course called


The course is organized by the




What I have to do is, to complete the assignments given, then e-mail to my music school in Kuching here, INTERNATIONAL MUSIC HOUSE, then they will e-mail to the Mentor from TVU. So, all our works are done online, so complicated huh??

To complete the course, it needs the least 1 year, & the most 2 years.

To get the Diploma :
~ Completed the given Reflective Practices & Assignments
~ Keep a JOURNAL on my teaching & my students
~ Mandatory Modules has to be done too
~ Go trough an assessment & an interview at the end of the programme

So, this is what I'm busy with these few days, because it's a new course in Malaysia, I'm still quite blur on what am I supposed to do. Especially regarding the Assignments, but, I've shown my journal to my teacher, she said VERY GOOD, ahaha xD

So, I have to do this part-time while continuing my studies in SWINBURNE UNIVERSITY. Luckily, this Diploma course doesn't require us to attend classes or lectures, we just need to online often & finish our job=) Bless me, so that I can cope with both studies.

~ SUNday ~

My first time in the swimming pool getting serious about SWIMMING, weehooo...

Erm, just learned how to kick my legs, & float on the w
ater, it's scary when I emerged my whole self in the water, felt like I'm having phobia towards water, I guess I have to work harder.

Went for shopping with my mama (Winnie) again & with her family too. It took us less than 1 hour, to shop at three shopping malls. That was my first time shopping in such a short time. COOL!! Went to McDonald's... mama!!! I'm not supposed to eat junks ok? haha, however, ate an ice-cream & an onion ring=)


Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, u will study in that course? Seem very interesting...

All the best ya...

LimZhi said...

Wahh..read ur diploma till I blur blur..like that ady la people without 'music cells'..heheh! All the best to u!! XD

Btw, enjoy ur swimming class! Can feel your happiness~ You will get the satisfaction once u successfully conquer the water!

Borneo Falcon said...

Good luck in your course. I am never good in music anyway. Ha...Ha...

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Goodluck Meimei, put your best foot forward okay?

You're a very good musician. I admire you for that. I already lost some of my abilities in playing the organ.

I have captured myself in video playing one of our church songs, will post that one day especially for you =)

BTW, you look soooo cute on your photo with Ronald McDonalds.

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* Akira ~

yeap!! interesting ha? dat im not so sure, bt i noe ive been looking for a very special book to write my journal, for a long time, bt din find the perfect one, so sad... this course is useful...in case i dn get any job in future haha

* LimZhi ~

haha, it's memang blur, now im oso blur, just waiting for my teacher to come back then rescue us!!

weeeheeee, i din join swimming class, just go thr learn by myself, lolx!!

* Borneo Falcon ~

thnx a lot

* Bridge ~

Thank you very muchee!! I'm looking forward to njoy ur performance on the organ=) anything to do with music interests me, i guess, that's me!! haha

Barbie said...

Princess! PRincess! Your Diploma in music course sounds interesting ^ ^ Che Che have absolutely no idea about all these kind of stuffs =( Hah hah... not bad not bad :P At least Che Che is a music freak lol... Che Che really really like listening to music ^ ^

Whatever it takes! Go! Go! Che Che wish my dear princess all the best in de world! Tons of luck to you! *hug* To Che Che too lol... God bless!

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* Barbie cheche ~

thankie thankie v much! yea, haha, it's hard to describe it here, even when my principal explained it to me, i oso blur blur...haha...