Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DoubL3 'Ss'




I don't know how to swim, & I feel that it's time for me to learn it.

Reasons :

1. In case of emergency.
2. It's fun wad =)
3. A form of exercise ( please make me skinnier=S )

4. Swimming is my favourite sports ( though I don't know how to swim )

5. I don't know how to swim.
6. I want to swim!!!

So, bought this during the weekends.
Costs RM 157.90
How is it? Good for a beginner?

My HobBy

...is collecting stickers...

I've got 4 stickers albums to date.
Will post about it one day.

Wondering why am I (at this age),
still so interested in stickers??
*I can see one eye tilted up, one eye tiled down*
I feel calm & happy viewing my sticker albums.

I bought stickers when shopping with Mama.

& it's S N O O P Y STICKERSsss!!!!

See? Every single stickers shows its unique-sity.
Though you can notice that the pictures of stickers are Snoopy-s in same poses.
Same backgrounds.
The stickers are in different shapes, colors, sizes..
It's so colorful that an 18 year old girl still crazy over it.

Lastly, read this.
Let's have a hug from me friends.
Wish you a happy day=)


Akira 思胜 said...

U got lots of snoopy stickers neh, u like snoopy?

Barbie said...

Heya babe! My most favorite sports' activity is SWIMMING!!! It's kinda funny if I said I have absolutely no idea even how to float myself *sob sob* Che CHe is the beginner too babe!

Why so many Snoopy stickers? Che Che like Disney Princesses and Barbie stickers and Tinkerbell as well. heh heh... ^ ^

LimZhi said...

Wow~ ur swimsuit doesn't look like swimsuit at all! Double function? Can be casual wear too? Hahah..

Yea, good decision to learn swimming. U ll fall in love deeply! XD

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* Akira ~ Yeap, n Garfield, & Mickey mouse & frens, & Winnie the pooh, & & & & & &......

* Barbie ~ weeeheeee, we are quite alike, dn u tink?

I've gt othr stickers too, will show u soon cheche...

* LimZhi ~ No lah, u noe wat? i dn dare wear bikini like dat..haha, my body fat fat de...especially stomach, so, COVER lah, hahaha...