Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hey everyone!!

Sry for being idle again...

I just started my first semester in Foundation year on Mon (28th July).

& there will be performances coming up on the 3rd of August, 12th of August & 30th of August.

So, I will be v v occupied.

Regarding my promises to some of you out there, to post on my last two performances, I guess I'll do it some time later, because I haven't collected all my pics yet, a sincere sorry to you =(

I'm starting to do my assignments on Diploma in Professional Music Teaching too..

Guess you can imagine how packed am I huh?

However, I will still log in to eBlogger when I'm free to check on my dear friends over here=)


Akira 思胜 said...

Take care of yourself and study hard ya!!!

Barbie said...

That's ok dear Mei Mei =) We can wait for ya =) Do ur best Mei Mei *hug*

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Good luck in your assignments and diploma studying, girl!!! I didn't know that you're good at music teaching =P

LimZhi said... too disconnected for 1 week ady..left my heart in redang lor..huhu..

now waiting for my heart to come back..u take care ya!! miss ur spam!!! =)

Chobits said...

Dear Mei Mei, is ok coz assignment is more important. Blog when you are free k. ^^ Gambate! Relax when you are tire, don't stress too much. =)