Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A date With MinG M!ng

If you wonder who is Ming Ming, then, this is Ming Ming & me=)
Ming Ming, you don't mind me posting up your picture?
Pretty o not my dear Ming Ming?

We went to The Spring

Walk walk walk...


Eat eat eat =P

Looks familiar??
Yeap, that's Health Cake from Secret Recipe

Ming Ming treat me=)

as my Birthday treat (long time ago) haha,

Thank you v much Ming Ming.
After I finished half of it, I felt So So So So full..
Why is the cheese from Secret Recipe so filling??

Ming Ming ate Oreo Cheese Cake, this is NOT health cake, Ming Ming not healthy oh!! haha

Oreo Milkshake, yummo!!! Gotta try to do this at home=)

Oreo! Oreo!
Lick It!
Dunk It!
Eat It!

I was looking for the P E R F E C T book as my journal (one of my tasks to complete the Diploma in Music Teaching Programme)
Looking so hard, searching here & there
Thinking once, twice, trice....ten times..twenty times
& still haven't found one that I really like
* Sobssssssss!!!!

Errr....No more pictures...



Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Opsy... wait before you eat those. Count how many calories can you gain on it first???

Baby fats choooo! Meimei should start dieting!

@ SmalL G!RL said...


that's y i chose diet cakes...

i'm trying very hard, working out every night b4 i slp...hope my effort shows=)

LimZhi said...

Wow..healthy cheesecake? It doesn't look nice leh..heheh!

I tried oreo cheesecake in a secret recipe in Bkt Bintang the other day, it was Huhu..

jasperjugan said...

yummmyyyyy!! forget the calories :P

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, your friend is pretty too! Hehe...

Haha, u can get the advertising fee from secret recipe d...

I like Chocolate Indulgence there!

Barbie said...

Heya! Babe princess! Ur frn is pretty too!

Mei Mei working ur body out every night? *sob sob* Che Che don't get involved in any sports acitivities at all T_T Tell me u don't believe it lol...

BTW, the cake looks yummy yummy! MEi MEi should get Che Che a piece =( Next time, don't forget, okie? *muah muah*
Love you princess XX

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* LimZhi ~

you dn like Secret Recipe? or u dn like to eat cake, haha

* Jasperjugan ~

lolx!! But, I can't!

* Akira ~

yea, y we din thought of that ho? sure we gt high pays, haha, jk=P

* Barbie ~

errr, just simple work out, nth much...okie, sure, will buy Barbie one, then i feed to my Barbie doll, then Barbie cheche can feel it too=)