Thursday, July 10, 2008

What kind of Sleeper are you?

What kind of sleeper are you??
not slipper, ok? haha

I guess everyone don't have a fix sleeping position.
Same goes to me, I am mostly style No. 4 & No. 5.

Side Sleeper Curling Up

The descriptions about being jealous & so, are not true at all about me.


Side Sleeper With One Knee Bended

The descriptions here, are so true!!
You know, I always complain about being fat, being this being that, lolx!
& I really got over excited on something tinny weeny.
Waaaaa, weeeeee, wuuuuu, ahhhhhH!!!!

Okie, when I'm posting on something like this,
it means that I'm OFF, or I've got no idea what to post on,
& now,
it means, I'M OFF.
Happy weekend everyone, I'm going off whole day tomorrow, it's the first day of
the day after next is weekends, tadaaa...
meimei not gonna online for a while, see ya!


Borneo Falcon said...

I am side sleeper with one knee bended. Ha.....Ha.....

Barbie said...

Hah Hah... Shhhh!!! Tell you one thing my baby princess! Barbie CHe Che's sleeping position goes #6 and the second last! Hah hah... *blushing* Heh heh... Che Che sleep on ma back, but not in such a funny manner! lol... Better than that becuz Che Che always have my cuddly Minnie or Teddy bear with Che Che ^ ^ wakakkakak *blushing*

But hold on! #6 means we always complain about stupid things? Lol... Sometimes, but not all the time, but watever, Che Che like this kinda post too, it is hilarious lol... ^ ^

Barbie said...

Oops! Sorry to spam, babe! It is #5 n de second last! Just wanna make it right heh hehh...

Joy said...


im exactly lk u too..
except im not dat type jealous n selfish..lolxx

LimZhi said...

I'm a side sleeper heheheh..but not as good as described, so..not tat accurate for me lor.

This is really interesting! THx for sharng!! XD