Thursday, July 3, 2008

P!neApPL3-K!wi CakE

At last I get started with baking a 'whole' cake (not just cup cakes, haha)

Photos please =)
OK, here it goes...

Step 1 : Of course it's baking the cake.
Baking the cake is easy-peasy.

Step 2 : Sticking up whipping cream to the body.
This took me more than an hour.

& the fruits =)

How's my arrangement?

Step 3 : Cover the ugliness of me please.
Ok ok, I helped my dear cake to pipe some flowers at the edge.

Step 4 : Lastly, "I want some jelly with me," says the fruits=)

I'm so tired.

I wonder why cakes we decorate at home are not that nice compared to those from bakeries?
* sob sob

BUT, at least this is better than my

f i r s t a t t e m p t


s e c o n d a t t e m p t


Princess Barbie Cheche, remember I once said that I wanted to bake a cake for ya? & it failed?

So, this is for you, okie?

Hope you like it=)


LimZhi said...

Wahhh..looks really inviting!!

For Barbie only ar.. :( Got my portion or x?

Borneo Falcon said...

Still a decent cake. Hope it taste good as that is all that matters beside the appearance

Akira 思胜 said...

Nice attempt on the cake!!! Keep it up ya!!!

Barbie said...

Pine-Apple Kiwi CAKE!!!! Wow!!! Awesome my dear princess Mei Mei!!! First it was just the cup cakes, and now!!! this time it is the real cake!!! Wa ka ka! Look so yum! Well-decorated!!! Wonder wat it tastes like! Yummy?

Che Che can't have a piece, but che Che can imagine me eating this cake made by Mei Mei (^__^) Yum Yum ^ ^

Mei-Wah said...

wah... meimei is a very good baker! the other day i baked muffin and it got burned! :( so sad... i am no good with baking...

p/s: barbie... don't finish all by your own! keep a slice for me, will ya? :)

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

I can't bake cakes, no matter what I do, the taste ends up non-conforming! hEHE!

I need you to teach me how. My favorite one is Tiramisu!

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* LimZhi

eheeeeheee...for Barbie oni,=P

no lah, last time during her bday i promised her de mah, wen's ur bday leh? haha

* Borneo Falcon

aiyo, u're saying it looks not ok? buhuuu, haha, no lah, thnx anyway!!

* akira

thnx very much!! i long time no check on ur blog, gta spam ur cbox soon, ble=P

* Barbie

Cheche, u like it o nt? it tastes yummy, left two small slices lolx!! baked it on wed nite, this morning i see, left two...haha, u came to my house last nite? haha

glad dat u like it...

* mei-wah

hola!!! long time no check on u too...miss u eh...

huhh?? burn? heheh, u din check on it lah, bad gal!!

my oven is lousy, if it's a better oven, den i tink i will bake more often, lolx, then i'll grow fatter & fatter FASTER..

come tonight wen i slp den u can take the two slices left, hahaha

* Bridge

my oh my, SIS!! i dno hw to bake tiramisu la, u dn scare me wif such huge 'order'. lolx!!

I just started baking sponge cake for decorating with icing or fresh creams, if u've gt the recipe, den follow step by step it's ok dy, the decorating it's up to u, ur own creativity...just like doing arts haha...

huhh, yeah, shud ask my mummy to teach me tiramisu=)

jasperjugan said...

sheessshh! yum yum! i got drooling and hungry :)

hana said...

ure kidding me.....THT IS SO NICE OK!!!!!

I CANNOT PIPE FLOWERS!!! *envies* the last time i did omg I had to photoshop it in pictures cause it was senget hahahaha.

@ SmalL G!RL said...

* jasperjugan

want some? haha

* Hana

me no photoshop oh, forgot to photoshop some of the lousy parts ho? nvm, this is original!! haha

im not kidding u

Joy said...

dat looks OH SO GOOD! u made me hungry..>___<